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Thinking of moving to Birmingham

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boxoftissues Fri 13-Feb-15 08:29:17

Currently in London, finding it too expensive. We are thinking of moving to Birmingham so we can still be near a big city.

Can anyone recommend good areas in and around Birmingham please? Budget is around £90k. We are looking for a 2 or 3 bed house with garden close to good schools and shops and transport.

Thank you! smile

worldgonecrazy Fri 13-Feb-15 09:09:26

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you probably aren't going to find a 2 or 3 bed house in a nice area for that budget. You might get a 50/50 shared ownership in an okay area.

Good areas to live are Moseley, some areas of Kings Heath, the south side of the A38 in Rubery, some areas of Northfield near the train station, Harborne, Edgbaston between the A38 and Harborne (not the other side), Bournville. You could extend your search to areas which are easily commutable to Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Stourbridge, Kidderminster.

I will say that it can often be less than one street between nice areas and not nice areas. But Birmingham is a brilliant city with a lot going on, so I would recommend moving here.

AllYourBase Fri 13-Feb-15 09:39:56

You will not find anything near a halfway decent school for that price. Schools in London have far more per pupil spent on them, stay where you are.

Gooseysgirl Fri 13-Feb-15 09:41:24

Try shared ownership in London?

Oswin Fri 13-Feb-15 09:44:34

I live in druids heath. Its an estate so most people avoid it, but its actually really nice. My mom lives in warstock the house next door went for 100k. Its a nice area. Good schools. Plenty of parks nearby.

boxoftissues Fri 13-Feb-15 09:45:15

Thanks for the replies.

I have heard Tamworth is a nice area? Would that be more within our budget? We could stretch our budget to £105k approx.

Yes, Birmingham does have an up and coming feel to it. Am quite excited about our move!

We really don't want to stay in London. And not keen on shared ownership.

AllYourBase Fri 13-Feb-15 10:04:59

I'd say living in Tamworth when you want Bham is like living in Slough when you want London.
What kind of lifestyle do you live/want?
Your money would go much further in Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester etc or Wales.

AllYourBase Fri 13-Feb-15 10:09:37

Costs are high in Bham- my childcare (1 2yo) is over 900 a month.
If you're in Tamworth but working I'm bham your commute will be hellish and costly.

boxoftissues Fri 13-Feb-15 10:13:19

We chose Birmingham over Manchester Leeds etc as it is still near London where most of our friends and family are, but it is still a big city.

We currently live in zone 6 so not in central London but it only takes about 20 mins on the train to get into the centre.

So I guess we are looking for the same sort of thing around Birmingham. Living around 20 mins from the town centre. Where I imagine the house prices would be a bit cheaper than actual Birmingham and with good schools and some shops etc.

fluffygreentail Fri 13-Feb-15 10:14:10

Do you have any family in the midlands that could help with childcare? Costs in Tamworth are the same for FT childcare bills - £900 ish pcm. Tamworth like most towns has good and bad parts. I dont live in Tamworth but am familiar with it. You could get a flat for £105k. Not sure it would get you a house?

fluffygreentail Fri 13-Feb-15 10:20:41

cross post.

AllYourBase Fri 13-Feb-15 10:48:03

20 mins from centre of bham varies tremendously as to whether you're in a trainline. Druids Heath mentioned upthread is about 50 mins on the bus at rush hour, no trains, and not actually physically as far as Tamworth. On a map it would seem close.

LadyKooKoo Fri 13-Feb-15 10:48:47

I honestly can't think of anywhere close to Birmingham city centre where you will get what you want in a nice area for that budget. This is in Sutton Coldfield, near good schools. Wylde Green train station is two miles away which takes about 15 minutes to city centre.

jerryfudd Fri 13-Feb-15 11:22:45

I seriously doubt you will get what youre after for what you are looking to pay. An ok area with ok schools you'll be looking at starting £120k. A decent area, more and one with really good schools, loads more

TheGonnagle Fri 13-Feb-15 11:25:33

I live in your desired distance, with good primary schools, excellent transport links and everything else. You need another £100k to buy what you're looking for where I live (Birmingham/Solihull border).

NanaNina Fri 13-Feb-15 11:33:12

Sorry to disappoint OP - I live near Birmingham, and you won't find anything in a good area with good schools on your budget. My son has just bought a 2 bed house, very nice with a small garden for £105,000 in Birmingham but it is not in a good area..........I think to be honest you are going to struggle anywhere in the country with your budget to live in a good area. Presumably you don't have anything to sell in London?

specialsubject Fri 13-Feb-15 11:35:23

£90k, good area and big city - pick two of those.

Mrscog Fri 13-Feb-15 12:40:49

The outside the centre places of Birmingham are more expensive to be honest - Hagley, Solihull, Barnt Green - all ££££. I would look for a more central area which has scope to be 'up and coming'.

PrincessOfChina Fri 13-Feb-15 12:47:14

I live a 13 minute train ride from the City Centre (Approx 5 miles) and you'd need another £60k to buy 2 bed terrace here. We are classed as a pretty nice area and have good schools.

I'm afraid I can't think of a single area within your budget. Perhaps look Sandwell way but be aware you're then outside of Birmingham City Council (so grammar system etc).

AllYourBase Fri 13-Feb-15 13:55:13

Princess- bham grammars have no catchment, are super selective. Last year they had applicants from Oxfordshire and High Wycombe.

boxoftissues Fri 13-Feb-15 14:06:13

Hi all thanks for all your responses. Ok looks like we were being over optimistic with what our budge could buy around Bhham.

LadyKooKoo, that house you linked to is actually quite nice and on budget and ticks the schools and transport boxes. Is the area nice ie safe, low crime rate?

We won't have childcare costs as both DC's are at school and I work from home. DH will mostly work from home too although he will probably need to travel to London about once a week.

PrincessOfChina Fri 13-Feb-15 14:12:31

Ah, I still thought there was a preference given to children within the LA. For example, I thought preference would be given to a child who lives opposite the school if their pass mark was the same as a child living in High Wycombe. Might be wrong though.

MaraThonbar Fri 13-Feb-15 14:44:08

We've recently moved to Solihull from London. We like it very much but I'm afraid that other posters are right about your proposed budget.

LadyKooKoo Fri 13-Feb-15 15:32:37

Found this reference crime levels so may be worth comparing it to where you are now and seeing how comparable it is. I don't know Kingstanding very well but it is on the edge of Sutton Coldfield and I go to the Tesco not far from there and it seems okay round there from what I have seen.

Blackeyez09 Fri 13-Feb-15 16:13:04

I am currently in erdington you mite get something like a doer upper and it's not actually that bad if you get the right road plus the proximity to Sutton Coldfield and excellent train links to city centre with two stations and the M6 for beyond

I love my house (period house high ceilings good size rooms overlooking a nice lake, 3 beds all for less than 150K more like 700 if in London) especially after watching location location location yesterday you can get a great deal still up here if you are not after the best area...

The best areas I would consider to be Sutton Coldfield and Solihull not technically birmingham but with B postcodes, Moseley, Harborne, parts of Edgbaston

I am from London, studied in Brighton with a partner still in Sussex and aim to move back down their when I finish my training but I will have enjoyed my time in Birmingham a very vibrant city with lots to do yes it has it's ups and downs but what city doesn't?

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