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Nearly 3k - fair cost for removing fitted wardrobes in London?

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lessonsintightropes Thu 12-Feb-15 23:06:26

We live in a 3 bed flat in London (SE, zone 3 if it matters). We use the large second bedroom as a living room, but it was previously used as a bedroom, and has some large and ugly black fitted wardrobes to one wall. We need:

- the wardrobes removing
- the wall where they were, having the thick wallpaper stripped back and potentially a reskim of the plaster
- dado rail replacing on that wall
- making good of artex ceiling (most of which was installed only two years ago, so no asbestos issues etc, just a stippling of the little patch where the wardrobe was to make it as far as possible invisible, although the builder agrees this won't be entirely perfect)
- fitting of new underlay and carpet and removal of existing which only went up to the wardrobes
- repainting of whole room (c. 14 x 15ft square)

A builder came around today and quoted us £2700, no VAT to be charged, and to include the cost of materials but excluding the cost of carpet/underlay.

Reasonable, or unreasonable? Would love a second opinion. DH thinks this is loads, I think there's quite a bit of skilled work to do and liked and trusted the builder who came around to quote.

wowfudge Thu 12-Feb-15 23:14:53

Sounds a lot. Sounded worse before I read the list of jobs in addition to removing the wardrobes. Does the cost quoted include skip hire and removal of all waste from site?

I would want to see each job itemised and costed separately.

Carpet fitting is £3psm here in the NW for example.

The plastering and artexing are the most skilled jobs I think.


SwedishEdith Thu 12-Feb-15 23:18:24

Sounds loads. Could you do anything yourself? Removal of the wardrobes and stripping the paper? I wouldn't pay that.

wowfudge Thu 12-Feb-15 23:29:35

Actually it doesn't just sound a lot: the guy sounds like a rip off merchant. I would expect to pay half that including the cost of decent carpet and underlay.

PS Buy underlay yourselves online. It'll be half the price of the likes of Carpetright plus you can buy gripperods and door bars at lower than retail prices.

grumbleina Fri 13-Feb-15 09:40:56

Depends how cash rich/time rich you are but as an idea here's how long/much money I'd think it'd take to do your list, if I did it.

- Removing wardrobes - a morning. Cost of a mallet and a trip to the tip £15 if you have a car, £40 if you hire a van
- Stripping wallpaper - an afternoon, using soapy water and a scraper. Cost of scraper £10.
- Rail replace - an hour including inevitable 'IS IT STRAIGHT' faff. Rail cost £20. Extra £10 if you need to buy a spirit level.

- Reskim if needed, and ceiling £300 tops for a plasterer? I'm guessing cos I don't know about the artex. Could get him to re-fit the rail too if you liked.
- New underlay and carpeting sorry I don't know at all. Can't be that much though! £150?

- Repainting whole room DIY in two days including drying time for the cost of the paint, £50 max. Or pay someone, hell, I'll do it if you like for £150.

What's that, roughly £700 if you pay for the painting?

You could go on holiday with the difference!

newstart15 Fri 13-Feb-15 10:32:40

I agree with others - it really is worth you doing some of the jobs, like removing the wardrobes and only get a specialist for the plastering, carpentry (assume it's dado and skirting) and then painting.

The trades would be charging approx £200 a day and plastering and carpentry would be about £400 max. I think a carpenter could fit the skirting and dado on way home from another job so not even a full day.

I think painting is more expensive and if you hate painting (like I do) I would definitely outsource it. I would say it's 3-4 days but depends on how much prep you need. Even if that's £200 a day you are only at £1500 plus paint and carpets.

I think the builder assumes you are time poor and cash rich so happy to pay to have it all done. You may have to manage it yourself but it really shouldn't be a big deal, once the wardrobes are out you get a plasterer in (try rated people as you will get someone who wants to pick up a bit of work so prices keenly) and then a carpenter/handyman to fix dado and skirting. Then a painter and then the job's done!

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