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What's good ceiling paint? Non drippy, good colour range, high coverage?

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SunTree Wed 11-Feb-15 15:50:45

My kitchen ceiling really needs doing. Last time Dh did it, he had a terrible time, parts of the ceiling were more porous than others, consequentially it looked all patchy and he just gave up.

Ideally, this time round, it could end up actually looking nice...

lavendersun Wed 11-Feb-15 17:47:27

I have only ever used two paints on a ceiling - Dulux Trade vinyl matt and Wickes ceiling paint.

The latter is supposed to cover slight imperfections, and it did, it didn't go very far though, I needed 2 tins for 2 coats in a 15 foot square room.

Delux everywhere else apart from the room with the old ceiling and it is great. You can get Dulux mixed whatever colour you want if you don't want white.

PigletJohn Wed 11-Feb-15 18:37:59

kitchen ceilings often have a film of greasy dirt on them, which might be the reason for the patchiness. Or perhaps the plaster had never been painted before and needed a diluted mist coat.

If you paint a ceiling, take precautions against drips and splatter.

You can get roller handles that a broomhandle will stick into, so you can paint from the floor, but do the edges off steps. I am sure you will need at least two coats.

SunTree Wed 11-Feb-15 19:19:37

Thankyou both. I'm not looking forward to the job. I think it will need a thorough sugar soaping for the reason you mention, PJ.

I can get Dulux trade matt mixed up, that's true. I was wondering about paint that might be more gel like, ie less drippy, even though I'll have to be very thorough with dust sheets.

I do have some extendable rollers. I find them tiring to use but there's no way this isn't going to b a tiring job, really, is there!

lavendersun Wed 11-Feb-15 19:28:30

Sun - I do all the decorating here that we don't get someone in for. Sometimes I do it because I don't want to wait or can't be bothered with all the arranging, sometimes I don't because I can't be bothered to paint!

I am a very reluctant decorator (but have done about five rooms in the last year incl ceilings, new and old woodwork all new plaster, actually on reflection I dislike decorating!).

The wickes stuff was not drippy, ceilings are a pain, I only bought that because it was for a room where the ceiling hadn't been replaced and had a couple of bulges (old house most have). I used an extendable roller too, I am really neat, never make a mess, but it is hard not to with ceilings, but the spots that you get with your roller were fewer than with the other paint.

SunTree Wed 11-Feb-15 19:48:52

Well that was helpful, Thankyou. I've never used Wickes paint and I'll look into it, lavendersun.

Off to look now!

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