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really stupid moving costs question

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bananamonkey Tue 10-Feb-15 20:53:17

Sorry this seems like a really stupid question but I'm a first time buyer and having trouble trying to work this out confused

DH is selling his flat so that we can buy our first house together and is lucky enough to have a fair amount of equity in it (based on valuations), enough to fund a 45% deposit for the type of houses were looking at.

I'm trying to work out the budget for the moving costs; estate agent fees, conveyancing fees, survey, stamp duty etc. my question is do we need to have a separate upfront budget for all of these costs ready or would we be able to pay for any of them out of the equity released by the flat sale? (Provided the new mortgage makes up the the the total purchase price). How would that work? Or would that automatically be put towards the new house?

chicaguapa Tue 10-Feb-15 20:59:04

You'll need to pay survey and some of the solicitor's costs up front, ie the searches and other disbursements. Their fees and stamp duty can come off what's left after the deposit has been transferred to the sellers' solicitor. Removals will need to be paid on the day.

bananamonkey Tue 10-Feb-15 22:53:17

Thanks! That makes sense smile

RaphaellaTheSpanishWaterDog Wed 11-Feb-15 13:50:27

Our removal costs - in December - had to be paid in full upfront to secure the booking, although maybe that was because it was a significant amount (£3600) and the move was a five day job....

Obviously depends on loads involved - you may be planning to self drive which would be a different story.

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