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Moving to Enfield: Bush Hill park/Winchmore Hill?

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cakecake11 Mon 09-Feb-15 22:32:41

Hello, my husband and I have put in an offer on a lovely house in Bush Hill Park, following advice from a friend to look there. We were initially looking to stay closer to the centre of London, but we could only afford in what estate agents described as 'up and coming' area, which basically meant not particularly nice. We were won over by a house in Bush Hill Park, close to the station. We also have the option of looking at a couple of houses in Winchmore Hill (but 0.7 miles from the station) which would be much smaller, but still big enough for us, or one house close to Enfield chase station which is not particularly attractive, but right near the station there. Could Enfield mums please advise if they are happy living there, and if we made a good choice choosing quiet Bush Hill Park over Winchmore Hill with a much longer walk to the station. Please be honest and let me know what you think of living in Enfield and if you find it safe. We will be commuting in to London for work and are moving from Wimbledon, so it's a long way from our usual stomping ground.

Also, slightly confused about the EN postcode when I thought that Enfield was part of North London, but that's just an aside.

Apologies for the ridiculously long post and many questions!

Emmaybe Thu 19-Feb-15 23:21:11


I moved to Winchmore Hill 2 years ago when pregnant with my first child. It's a lovely place to bring up a family and I have made lot of friends. I knew nothing of the area when we moved here but I would love to stay here now.
We now need a house rather than a flat so are looking to move to Bush hill park, slightly cheaper. I do prefer WH and this train line but Bhpark is fine too, dont know it too well.
Enfield town itself is fine, good place to nip to for a bit if shopping, could be better though, not many nice pubs or independent style shops.
Overall the area is great though and easy to escape to the countryside if you need a break!
Let me know how you find bush hill as we may not be far behind you!

Finbar Fri 20-Feb-15 08:43:30

I used to live in BHP and commuted to central London - it was great. I guess Enfield doesn't look as pretty as WH at first look but we found lots of nice pubs and walks. And used to play tennis for free in the park! Good luck OP

Confusedhousehunter Fri 20-Feb-15 13:51:43

I lived in BHP when at uni. It depends where you would be living I suppose. I lived near the Coop and it was a bit run down IMHO.

fussychica Fri 20-Feb-15 13:55:30

My friend lives there and has done for years - she quite fussy so it must be alright!

Confusedhousehunter Fri 20-Feb-15 14:28:45

I think if you are around the actual Hill it's much better than where I was!

cakecake11 Fri 20-Feb-15 15:54:26

Thank you so much for all your replies. We had an offer accepted on a lovely house near the station, only thing is we found out today that the council are building a massive social housing estate very close by. Worried about potential social issues, over crowded schools and GPs. It wouldn't be a problem if it were a small housing estate, but it's going to be huge. We're thinking of pulling out now, as it will affect the housing prices and possibly change the feel of the area, which is sleepy residential and family orientated. So disappointed!

cakecake11 Fri 20-Feb-15 16:00:24

@fussychica where does your friend live? In BHP or Winchmore Hill?

cestlavielife Fri 20-Feb-15 16:12:16

hard to believe they will build "massive social housing estate" mostly councils sell land to build mixed use - some land goes to developers for private sale, then couple blocks for "affordable housing" ... and they would include gps medical centres and schools in those plans. check the plans.

why would social housing not be residential and family oriented ?

cakecake11 Fri 20-Feb-15 16:29:38

@cestlavielife This is the first of it's kind scheme, it will be wholly council owned and not for permanent tenants. There is a loophole through which the council will be building the housing for several hundred (close to 1,000) tenants which means that the properties cannot be purchased by tenants under the Right to Buy Scheme - they will be wholly council owned and developed using borrowed money as opposed to the usual deals done with developers for mixed housing. Bush Hill Park's schools and facilities won't be able to cope with such an influx of residents and this was raised by locals during the consultation where other residents raised the same concerns.

cakecake11 Fri 20-Feb-15 16:33:13

Also, I have checked the council proposals and there are no plans to include further schools or GPs at present.

cestlavielife Fri 20-Feb-15 16:52:51

good news for people on the council wait list though . not sure why they wont be permanent tenants tho as presumably most would be families seeking long term housing?

TempsPerdu Sat 21-Feb-15 18:18:09

I live in Enfield Chase, and used to work in local schools as a teacher, so I've been around a bit! IMO if you're after a 'naice' area Winchmore Hill is a better bet - it's fairly pricey, but feels safe, is very family-oriented and has plenty of amenities, decent schools, nice independent shops around the Green etc. BHP is broadly fine too (some beautiful houses, and you do tend to get a bit more for your money) but some parts are definitely more salubrious than others, the schools can be a bit of a mixed bag and you're on the edge of some areas that are known for having specific issues, which can spill over into BHP itself on occasion.

Enfield Council is in dire need of social/council housing, in part due to families being rehoused in the borough from other more expensive areas of London - hence the new housing developments (they're popping up everywhere in Enfield, but generally on a smaller scale). Lots of pressure on school places too - many schools have already expanded to three-form entry, but there's still a shortage in certain areas.

Overall Enfield can be a very pleasant place to live, but it varies a lot and you have to pick your location carefully! Oh, and the postcode thing is because historically Enfield was part of the county of Middlesex before it was incorporated into Greater London and kept the old postcode.

girloutofglasgow Sun 22-Feb-15 02:18:54

As ever it depends really what your absolute top priorities are - is it the length of the commute into the City, decent schools or a pleasant neighbourhood? If it's the commute then somewhere near Enfield Chase station should be've got the line into Moorgate, if it's up the swannee then you could take the bus up to Oakwood and get the Tube or alternatively it's only ten minutes walk into Enfield town for the overground into Liverpool Street. Plus if you're close to Chase station then you'd be handy for the Park and walks around Gentlemans Row as well as the shops, market and Library. Chase might be better than BHP as it's already pretty built up plus longer term it should give you the postcode for applying to Highlands (currently well-regarded state secondary) or Dame Alice Owen (highly selective sec).
I've been here nearly twenty years now and while I don't love it it's been a pleasant enough place to bring up a family.
Good Luck OP!

SelinaSelina Thu 17-Dec-15 13:36:47

Hi I am looking to buy a house in EN1 or EN2 area. I hear Bush Hill Park, Gordon Hill, Enfield Chase and Enfield Town is decent. I know there area always issues even in nice areas. Please can you also tell me about areas near Southbury Station....

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