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Disaster continues - underfloor heating help?

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JugglingChaotically Sun 08-Feb-15 08:02:37

So just when we think we have hit rock bottom and things can't get much worse, the kitchen won't heat up.
The heating installed by our ex builder was wundafloor.
It has tile on top.
And after 18 hours is only at 14c.
The system we have looks like this
but our floor is concrete with this on top, ditra mat to stop tiles cracking then tile.
Do I have to rip this all out?
Wundafloor website also says basic system designed
Can anyone tell me about underfloor heating....for energy efficient houses.
Ours is old drafty Victorian.
So how can I tell whether it's the base system or the one they sell for houses like ours?
Our build has been a disaster ......

JugglingChaotically Sun 08-Feb-15 08:03:20

Kitchen fitting was finally going to be this week hmm

JugglingChaotically Sun 08-Feb-15 08:11:18

Piglet John????

TeddyBee Sun 08-Feb-15 09:29:35

Oh god, it's like the trials of Job. Do you have any receipts or anything from wundafloor? If you called them, they might be able to tell you what got delivered to your house if they sell direct? Are there any out of the way bits you can lift up to look underneath? It's much better to find out now than after the kitchen is fitted but still...

JugglingChaotically Sun 08-Feb-15 09:35:33

I have a photo so I know it was the system for laying between joists.
Whether base for efficient houses or not I can't tell.
Will phone tomorrow and ask what was delivered
Assume that it's more pipe per square metre for full heating.
It just never stops.

JugglingChaotically Sun 08-Feb-15 09:35:52

Receipts - no!

wowfudge Sun 08-Feb-15 09:39:21

A quick look at wundafloor's website shows they sell two systems, one for joist floors and one for screed floors. Are you sure the one your builder installed is as per the link you included? If so, it's the wrong one for starters.

Then they state they have a range of products for differently rated houses.

Contact wundafloor and see if you can find out what they supplied.

JugglingChaotically Sun 08-Feb-15 10:09:20

I know it's the one I linked to. I have a photo of it before the floor was laid on top.
And given all that has happened I have little doubt that it is the base one that it clearly states on the website will not be sufficient to fully heat our Victorian terrace as its undoubtedly in the C to G band of energy efficiency.

wowfudge Sun 08-Feb-15 10:12:08

If you haven't already done so, I think you may need legal advice around suing the builder. If you have a concrete floor it's the wrong system for starters. What kind of idiot makes a fundamental mistake like that? You employ him for his skill and expertise and, if he ordered everything, you expect him to order the correct items.

JugglingChaotically Sun 08-Feb-15 10:25:04

Actually it might be this one

But still wrong as ours is not lightweight ceramic tiles.

And elsewhere in house with 6cm ceramic tiles on top.

JugglingChaotically Sun 08-Feb-15 10:54:46

Sorry. That should have said elsewhere in house with 6cm concrete screed on top

JugglingChaotically Sun 08-Feb-15 20:28:29

Temperature drop between outflow and inflow at boiler is only 5c
Should it be more?
Is it flowing too quickly to "lose" enough heat to the room?

newstart15 Sun 08-Feb-15 20:38:35

I recall that we needed to turn the thermostat up on our under floor heating, at the controls, to get the right temperature flowing. The plumbers set it low at the start to ensure it's not too hot too quickly.

I hope it's something easy like this!

Spindelina Sun 08-Feb-15 20:39:35

Is the floor actually getting warm at all? And do you have zones? If no and yes: we had some valves that were sticky. Easily rectified. Just in case that gives you hope.

JugglingChaotically Sun 08-Feb-15 20:58:21

Not sure where thermostat is?!
Floor is just warm to touch - tepid like water out of cold tap in summer.
2 zones in one room. Both same.

HarlotOTara Sun 08-Feb-15 21:03:52

Have you insulation underneath the heating? Just asked my Dh who is a builder and he said without that you will be heating the concrete below rather than heat going upwards

JugglingChaotically Sun 08-Feb-15 21:18:14

Yes. It's laid into polystyrene which has tracks cut out for it.

Is it odd that the pipe that is going going through a really cold room but the water temp going back to the boiler is only 5c less than the Temperarure going out of the boiler?

HarlotOTara Sun 08-Feb-15 21:26:23

I have relayed that to DH and he says the water temp sounds about right. We have wundaheat in our kitchen. Our insulation under the floor is approx 4 inches thick. Is the rest of the room well insulated?

JugglingChaotically Sun 08-Feb-15 21:32:54

Thanks Tarlot.
Yes and no re insulation
Half room is conservatory. But with double glazed pilkington k glass.
Was fine with rads in past.
Other half is normal room with an efficient new double glazed window.
No wall between.

JugglingChaotically Sun 08-Feb-15 21:33:24

Don't think insulation that thick. Off to check photos.

JugglingChaotically Sun 08-Feb-15 21:34:37

20cm thick insulation I think?

HarlotOTara Sun 08-Feb-15 21:47:42

Dh has gone to pick up dd now. We had a plumber who did the underfloor heating - it might be worth getting an expert in, if you are on bad terms with your builder. However, from what I remember we had to turn our heating up slowly, we have a wooden floor which might make a difference. We have a wireless thermostat - do you?

JugglingChaotically Sun 08-Feb-15 22:15:08

New builder so don't know.
Will call company tomorrow.
Question is do we rip out and replace - and delay everything by a month.
Can't have cold kitchen. We live in it.

Pradaqueen Sun 08-Feb-15 23:21:52

Hello! I have wundafloor installed over joists upstairs and downstairs in a victorian house. Would advise the following:- 1. The tiles or carpet have to have a certain rating (tog I think) 2. Wundafloor only guarantee it'll work if you use a certain specific adhesive ( mapei I recall) builders don't like to use it as it is three times the price. It's probably none if these though but that the flow rate on the manifold which needs adjusting to increase (I had this problem in one of the kids rooms) . The good news is wundafloor technical are brilliant so give them a call tomorrow and I'm sure they'll help. Good luck!

JugglingChaotically Mon 09-Feb-15 06:07:26

Thanks, PradaQueen.
Wrong adhesive used as not the one you named.
But I am hoping that it's flow rate or similar.
Good to know that their technical team is helpful. Will phone them first thing.

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