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am I being impatient or is the property market quiet?

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meglet Sat 07-Feb-15 12:04:43

I think I had more 'for sale notification' emails in Dec than I've had this year.

I'm in North Hampshire and desperate to move out of our shoebox.

wowfudge Sat 07-Feb-15 12:53:20

Maybe it's your local area. I've had lots for the searches I've got set up. Have you checked they are not in your junk folder and cross referenced on the websites to see whether you are just not getting the alerts?

meglet Sat 07-Feb-15 13:09:04

actually I haven't checked my junk folder, thank you for the reminder. I've recently got a new phone, maybe some of the alerts are in junk.

itsnothingoriginal Sat 07-Feb-15 20:26:39

Very quiet around here and only one house come onto market since Christmas! I think there's a lot of uncertainty over the market at the moment. I'm watching and waiting before contacting agents myself so might be putting other people off selling too? Very frustrating for you though...

JustWantToBeDorisAgain Sat 07-Feb-15 20:35:30

Quiet in my area (South devon) some houses are coming in but very little in the price bracket I'm looking at... Dh keeps telling me this is a good thing as we're not yet on the market but will be in a couple if months.

bobs123 Sat 07-Feb-15 20:39:55

Quiet here too. Personally I think if you have a really good house - location/position etc it is probably an excellent time to sell. A handful of that type of house have sold very quickly for full asking price in our area. Those left have been on for months/years and they are all deficient in some way - on very busy main road etc.

LizzieMint Sat 07-Feb-15 21:34:48

Very quiet where we're looking too, only a handful of houses have come on this year so far. Very frustrating as we're in a rented house and only have 5 months left to find and buy!

Viviennemary Sat 07-Feb-15 21:37:24

I think people are uncertain so they're staying put for the time being.

Lonecatwithkitten Sat 07-Feb-15 22:13:22

Just over the border in West Berks they are sell like hot cakes. I know quite a lot are going to sealed bids and it is not just about money, but ability to move fast.
Most properties at the moment never even make it to rightmove, they are sold before they are officially on the market.

Fugacity Sun 08-Feb-15 08:42:31

I don't think he family market gets going for a few more weeks yet, with a view to completing in the summer holidays. That's what I keep telling myself smile

meglet Sun 08-Feb-15 12:03:05

fug that's what I'm trying to tell myself. maybe it will pick up after half term.

I don't know if the election will have any impact.

MelonOfTroy Sun 08-Feb-15 12:27:54

It seems really quiet here in S Hants too. A few more 3/4 beds have come on in dribs and drabs recently but nothing much.

yomellamoHelly Sun 08-Feb-15 12:32:32

Really quiet round here (surrey). (Still get alerts from 4+ years ago when we were looking.) House nearby (v ordinary, needs modernising but could happily live in it and would be v nice when done) been on market for 20 months.

hereandtherex Sun 08-Feb-15 16:23:55

For contrast, the North (N Yorks) has been dead (less than 10% of normal levels of transactions since ~2005ish. Its insane. You look at the LR data and the market in lots of streets goes from ~10 sales/year to 0, and stay at 0 since!

I think the MMR has caught up with the South. Housing is so out of kilter with wages that the market would struggle even with IRs at 0%.

redmapleleaves Sun 08-Feb-15 21:12:42

Quiet round here too (N Bucks). But prices are rising for what is on the market.

Oxtailchambermaid Mon 09-Feb-15 10:52:40

We put our flat in London on the market - 2 bed garden flat in zone 2, nice victorian conversion, nice street, close to the tube. Went with the middle valuation from the estate agents so we didn't opt to go crazy high. 3 weeks in, zero viewings. Dropped the price last week, apparently they are now trying to book one lady in. Really wasn't expecting that. When we told our tenants what we were doing they handed their notice in (fair enough) so I might be faced with rent and a mortgage for a few months. To say I'm tighting my belt is an understatement.

shovetheholly Mon 09-Feb-15 11:59:40

It's been quite a hard winter, and I think people are only just emerging from the winter hibernation! hang in there, OP!

roneik Mon 09-Feb-15 18:02:12

It's the unwinding of a property bubble, there will be no recovery. Just years of sliding downward of prices or a crash this year

meglet Thu 19-Mar-15 07:36:45

Still quiet. Even the property pages of the local paper are flimsy.

It's the election effect isn't it <sigh>.

LizzieMint Thu 19-Mar-15 07:47:37

Definitely still quiet here too, almost nothing coming on the market.
It's not that there aren't buyers here, it's a lack of stock to buy.
We've finally found something though, basically by viewing absolutely everything in our bracket, regardless of if we thought it looked good on paper. The house we are buying we never would have viewed otherwise, because it has a bit of a weird layout.

BumWad Thu 19-Mar-15 08:34:35

Quite a few have sold round here - Lancashire village

bananamonkey Thu 19-Mar-15 11:17:42

Feeling that pain - 3 EAs told us ours would sell very quickly, it's been 4 weeks, had 2 viewings in the first week then nothing since. EAs are telling us it's buoyant market so they don't know what the issue is. The lovely, large flat upstairs from us has always had tenants but has been empty for 3 months. The houses we're looking at however go for way over asking price in days but we can't get an offer taken seriously till we have a buyer - so frustrating!

We've changed our asking price to the upper end of a new guide price instead and are having some more photos taken today.

mandy214 Thu 19-Mar-15 11:22:39

I get the impression that London / South East may be slowing down simply due to how crazy it got last year. Other places (where we are - Cheshire) is pretty buoyant as it has been consistently. Steady - which is a good thing I think.

FunMitFlags Thu 19-Mar-15 11:57:42

I wonder if the SE boom has spread out now to other areas. Here in the Midlands the market seems very buoyant. Lots of house come on the market near us in the last few weeks and lots going under offer straight away. The only things sticking are ones from last year that are ridiculously overpriced.

Blackeyez09 Thu 19-Mar-15 15:38:59

Prices in the rest if the country are realistic such as the midlands (Birmingham) where I am it's still very affordable for average earners to buy and with the market set to improve in Birmingham things still seem to be selling well.

In particular nice presented period properties are very popular.

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