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High Wycombe

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firesprite Fri 06-Feb-15 16:36:07

hi, need some advise please. I have been offered a 2 bed end terraced house in Hennerton Way, does anyone know the area ? I am disabled and a bit worried about moving to a town where I only know the hospital. Would be grateful for any help, thank you

wobblebobblehat Fri 06-Feb-15 18:05:57

That area of High Wycombe is Micklefield. It's okay. It depends on what you are used to really!

Can you drive? It would be a long walk to the town centre although lots of buses run through Wycombe which is very hilly!

Where do you live at the moment?

18yearsoftrying Sat 07-Feb-15 07:36:21

I'm guessing you would prefer to be close to the centre from what you have said.

Micklefield is at the top of one of the hilks, next to an area called Cressex which was notoriously known for drug dealing.

If you can go a mile out of the centre you can have a nice village like Downley. East of the centre is Loudwater which I think is quite 'towny'. West Wycombe is pretty.

All areas are covered by public transport. I'm happy to help further if you have any q's.

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