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Sink or cooker in the kitchen island?

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StrikesMatches Thu 05-Feb-15 21:59:37

I'm hoping we'll be knocking walls and I'll be getting my new kitchen/dining/living room before the summer (whoop, whoop!) and I'm making use of the great ikea room planner to think things through. I'm going to have L-shaped units and an island. I'm trying to figure out whether it would be better to have the sink or the cooker on the island, which will be facing towards the sitting area. I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but I'm planning a range style cooker but either way it won't be going in a big alcove/chimney space like so many I see on pinterest

Belindabelle Fri 06-Feb-15 09:31:20

I reluctantly went for sink in Island as I do have the whole range/overmantle/chimney thing. Originally I wanted the sink on the other arm of the L and a small prep sink in the island but decided on a floor to ceiling wall of larder/pantry cupboards instead so the only place for the sink was the island.

i think that range cookers look better on a wall with splashback. In my opinion they ruin the look of the island whereas an undermount sink sort of blends into it more. If I had to have my cooking area on an island I would go with an induction hob and built in ovens. Also I don't really like having the extractor in the middle of the room. I wanted the hanging down pendant lights over the island and think an extractor would detract from them.

agnesrose86 Fri 06-Feb-15 09:33:41

I am in exactly the same predicament although hoping I will be able to fit both onto wall as I think neither is ideal on an island. Very interested to hear other advice.

Eastpoint Fri 06-Feb-15 09:35:24

With a big enough kitchen to have an island you'd have to have an extractor with an external motor for it to work well, what about having an induction hob & prep sink with a instant hot water tap on the island, then you can have built in ovens on one of the walls. Check the work surface durability to make sure you can put hot pans/ovens down on it.

JugglingLife Fri 06-Feb-15 09:37:12

Our sink is in the island, facing out to the living space, if I were to redesign the kitchen I think i would like the halogen hob (easy to clean) and the sink on the island and then the ovens up high on the wall, definitely not floor standing. I'd also build in 2 dishwashers.........

BouleSheet Fri 06-Feb-15 09:43:01

I have my sink (and dishwasher) in my island. It does mean that I am facing everyone else in the room when I am washing/preparing food. I like it this way. Don't think I would have put the cooker there.

JugglingLife Fri 06-Feb-15 09:45:03

Depends how big the island is, mines quite large but I'd still make it bigger if I could.

TheReturnoftheSmartArse Fri 06-Feb-15 09:56:12

I've had both. When I had the sink in the island, water used to splash onto the floor on the other side, despite their being a decent overhang on the other side of it. Drove me crackers, particularly as I wouldn't always notice and the oak floor was damaged as a result.

Next kitchen had the hob in the island and fat used to find its way onto the floor on the other side too. It was tiled that time, so no damage, other than to people slipping and banging their heads ...

I'm mid-kitchen refurb at the moment and have a huge island with nothing on it!

Perhaps me and DH are just messy cooks though!

StrikesMatches Fri 06-Feb-15 10:50:39

Thanks for the opinions. I think the sink makes more sense, but I want to keep as much cupboard space on the walls as possible, so I hoped having the extractor as a feature over the island might make sense and free up space to put more storage. Maybe not. I'm still at the very early stages of planning things out, so lots of time to work it all out, but I'm impatient! It's a Belling cooker I'm looking at, which has an induction hob so will maintain the sleek look. I like the idea of the island for food prep because I very much want it to be a family room, and the vision for the future is the children playing nicely not killing each other or doing homework while I'm mastercheffing it up and keeping a loving eye and wondering how we've all survived this long on them .

Thinking about quartz (if we can afford it), concrete (if I can get DH to agree to it) or slate (which I only saw on another thread yesterday) for the countertops. I'm pondering a breakfast bar on the island, but not sure I'll have the space. Flooring will be cork so should be good and water resistant.

So much pinterest, so little time...

RaphaellaTheSpanishWaterDog Fri 06-Feb-15 11:06:56

We've had increasingly large islands at our last three houses and have never needed to have either sink or cooker situated there. Previously we have had a 110cm range cooker (in chimney recess with hood twice), but we have just ordered the kitchen for our new house and this time (as we already have an Aga left by the PO) we are going for a hob with fake chimney above as there is already a working fireplace in the chimney recess.

We were going to go with a prep sink in the island, but have decided not to have a second sink in the kitchen as our utility (the former kitchen) will have a sink as well as most of the less attractive white goods (dishwasher, washing machine, tumble drier etc) so our only kitchen sink will go on the side wall.

However, we do need somewhere to site a conventional oven - don't want to rely on the Aga for every day cooking - so we are going to have that fitted in the island, facing out towards the seating area of the room and the French doors overlooking the garden, so that it's not visible when you enter the room.

If I had to choose though, it would be the sink rather than a cooker in the island, and definitely not a range cooker, imho.....

zippyandbungle Fri 06-Feb-15 11:46:48

I have my hob in the island as well as a half small sink and a insinkerator instant boil tap. The main sink is in the worktop opposite. I love it. For draining and filling pans it's fab plus all the dirty pans can be dumped in the main sink and forgotten while I cook.
It was a last minute addition when we were getting the kitchen designed but if you can I would do it.

Marmitelover55 Fri 06-Feb-15 11:58:12

I had a look at your range cooker and its lovely, but not sure how it would work in the island? It has an upstand which might look a bit odd. We have a similar range cooker with an upstand and I had thought that we could remove it, but turns out we needed to keep it on as it seems to be connected to the fan in the oven.

nikki1978 Fri 06-Feb-15 12:12:58

I am having similar to you with the L shape and island but with the help of the kitchen designer I have managed to get everything into the L so the island is just worksurface with cupboards and drawers underneath. I think it is just too impractical to have the hob or the sink there to be honest.

Apatite1 Fri 06-Feb-15 17:23:59

I'm putting the induction hob and a small prep sink in the island, which is 3 by 1.8 maybe 2m. Double sinks, dishwasher, fridge, double ovens, all cupboards on the back wall. The island will have deep drawers on three sides, breakfast bar on one side. Kitchen is open plan but connected via door to utility which will house washer, dryer, double sinks, larder cupboard. This was the layout that worked best for how we cook and live.

LovingTheSunshine Fri 06-Feb-15 22:34:09

We are toying up whether to extend to create a kitchen/diner/family room or knock through from the kitchen to the dining room as we have a playroom off the dining room & also a garden room with seating area facing the table. But with the latter idea our island wouldn't be that big so we wouldn't put the hob or sink in it, they would be in the back wall of units, although not sure where as yet!

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