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Doing an extension - tumble drier confusion!

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Woahbodyforrrrm Thu 05-Feb-15 14:15:11

At the moment we have our tumble drier against an outside wall so no issues with venting it as the hose goes straight out of the hole in the wall. I'm planning the layout for once our extension is complete and there won't be a suitable place for the drier by the outside wall. Does anyone know what my options would be? I'm trying to avoid buying a new drier as it's only a two year old Bosch.

Thanks in advance!

PigletJohn Thu 05-Feb-15 15:00:22

You can run the duct underneath kitchen units (it is about 105mm so too fat to go behind) or above/inside wall units.

It is preferable, especially with a long duct, to use rigid duct, not the flexible hose. It is not at all expensive. You can get rectangular as well as round. Slope it a tiny bit downwards towards the outside so any condensation runs out.

Put it as close as you can to the outside wall to minimise duct length. I have one close to the corner of the utility room and the gap is only 600mm which is no prob.

TeddyBee Thu 05-Feb-15 18:52:48

We have one about 600mm from the wall too - we do have a flexible hose but I'm looking to replace it when I have a minute. Works fine and it's a Bosch too.

SASASI Thu 05-Feb-15 21:33:58

Same problem ! I'm book marking this for closer to the time...

PigletJohn Thu 05-Feb-15 21:56:44

some driers have the vent coming out of the back, and some out of the side. My Bosch the vent is back, or left hand side. It might be awkward if the vent did not come out of the side you want the duct to go. I previously had a Philips drier which was shorter front to back, so room for the hose to come out the back and bend sideways. Worktops are usually 600mm deep.

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