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Wanting a new kitchen, help me through the fog

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Secretsout Tue 03-Feb-15 16:46:14

Hi experts, we are planning a new kitchen (I've been on the tinterweb and here for about a year and now decided to take action). I am leaning (99%) towards an painted inframe. Have looked at DIY kitchens Direct and Handmade Kitchens Direct online but both quite a distance from me.

Today I went and looked at 'real' kitchens....and now I'm in a bad place. Hated Magnet, Wickes, Homebase and Howdens. Walked in walked out (but did have a laugh at the Magnet guys 'typical price'.

So off I trotted to some independents and this is where I've got confused as some are possibly selling the same product?

Went to a company called Winchcombe Kitchens who had a stunning handmade wood kitchen, superb craftsmanship but totally out of my range (£60k) They also provide Kitchens at the 'lower end' by Stoneham (£25k)

Then went to another local who are 'bespoke', offer a good design service and really knew their stuff. They can provide oak or ash cabinets but would typically use MDF. They have given me brochures by Sheraton, Town and Country Kitchen Collection and The Kitchen Collection. Could these be Merway by any chance or another manufacturer?

Then went to another independent who is a Mereway stockist. I didn't really like their inframe option but their product looked (on the face of it) similar to the stuff in the Town and Country and Kitchen Collection from the supplier above.

So I guess I want to know who the usual manufacturers are? Are they all much of the same? Are the brochures I've been given for similar products? Do I go with timber cabinets or does MDF do job? Is it worth looking at DIY and Handmade? Is it worth the journey?

PS I have a ball park figure in mind which is Worktops £3k, Appliances £3-4k, fitting £2k, flooring £2k. This leaves me with around £5k to spend on cabinets and I need the equivalent of approx, 2tall oven units, 2 tall appliance units, 2 double width larder units and 10 standard base units, there or thereabouts.

Secretsout Tue 03-Feb-15 17:17:08

Just flicking through the brochures and 'The Kitchen Collection' brochure is definately got second nature doors in there are the pics are the same as the DIY Kitchens website. The other brochure 'The town and country collection' has doors by Infinte? And their website has kitchen pictures by Crown Imperial......this is why I'm confused. I'm guessing I can source this stuff anywhere unless I go totally bespoke? Is Handmade Kitchens bespoke?

snowgirl1 Tue 03-Feb-15 19:43:35

Roughly where do you live? If you're in SW London/Surrey, you might want to try Teddington Kitchens

I don't have a kitchen by them, but have had a quote from them. I'm also looking at DIY Kitchens and we're going to drive up there in a couple of weeks...

cooper44 Tue 03-Feb-15 19:55:23

I just don't understand what you get for £65k - how can a kitchen cost that much money?
I used Unfitted for my last kitchen - I totally loved it - it was about £12K - I had a lot of interaction with them in the design process and loved the whole process. I think I got a really beautiful kitchen for a relatively small amount of money. (and that's including a huge island with honed granite worktop too)
Then I moved and used a local joinery firm who only make kitchens for my next kitchen. Their build is almost exactly the same and they cost roughly the same but fitted for free - and I liked that they were local to me.
I don't know what inframe is but seriously don't assume that a bespoke kitchen is out of range because it's really not. And my cabinets are gorgeous - all dovetailed drawers etc.

Secretsout Tue 03-Feb-15 20:41:21

cooer the cabinets were gorgeous. The dorrs were 30mm thick and he reckoned they'd been there years and every so often they have them repainted. I guess they are almost part of your fixtures and fittings and you just paint them to suit current styles. Also, even though it was inframe, they had magnets built in to,the wood to allow them to silently close, without a clunk! But I agree, its a stupid amount of money. I would like the dovetail wooden draws and really so far the only stuff I can find online within range is Handmade Kitchens but its a heck of a journey to go and view them if they are rubbish.

snowgirl I'm in Worcester, so Midlands, Worcestershire, Gloucester are my 'local' options. I will only use DIY if I cant get anything in my budget (cabinet wise) and I go for MDF carcasses with second nature doors, though the ones I've seen so far haven't really blown me away.

cooper44 Tue 03-Feb-15 20:48:36

go and see Unfitted - they are in Moreton in Marsh (not sure if I've got the name right) but in Gloucestershire so maybe not too far from you? Then you can get an idea of the spec. Also i think with kitchens get a really solid idea of what you want before you start designing it with someone. Although it sounds like you sort of do...

Secretsout Tue 03-Feb-15 20:52:19

cooper. Just looked up Unfitted in Cotswolds, yes that's what I'm looking for. I'm going to register on their site so I can see the prices but I should be able to get down there this week. Did they fit for you? I'm not a DIYer. And did they paint it for you? I'm not a painter either. I will find it easier if a company can do those things for me as it can be a nightmare sourcing and managing individual tradesmen.

wormshuffled Tue 03-Feb-15 21:21:24

I've ordered a broadoak painted in pavilion grey from diy kitchens, its currently sat in my garage ready to be fitted next week. I'm very impressed so far with the quality and service. Its a second nature kitchen, so if you find a local company that does second nature you could see the quality. My units have cost £6500 that's for 3 sets of pan drawers, tall units for oven and fridge, enough units for a rounded island a corner unit and wall units. 21 units in total with all the end panels handles etc.
Worktop £2800, also through diy. It's the labour for plumbing and electrics which has really stung us must be up to 4k. With the karndean floor , plastering etc etc etc I'm looking at a total of about 17k .

hangoninaminute Tue 03-Feb-15 21:23:39

I too am on a hunt for a painted in frame kitchen. We went to DIY kitchens and whilst it was a great showroom it didn't offer what we wanted. They do offer a bespoke in frame painted but it showed the wood grain which I dislike. Apparently mdf doors are better than solid wood as they won't drop or come apart after time. A 1909 showroom kitchen proves this does happen. Smooth solid doors which are painted cost more as the wood needs to be sanded. This is why mdf is used but it isn't a bad product. Also there's no point in my opinion to have solid wood if it going to be covered in paint.

Ideally find an independent kitchen company who will offer to build your carcass and then find the doors your after through them as well or online. I have found 2 companies so far who will do made to measure shaker doors and painted in your colour of choice.

Kitchens are a minefield.

Secretsout Wed 04-Feb-15 09:08:10

worms thats a good price for that amount of units and worktop but £4k for fitting is a wounder. hangon I agree about the second nature doors, they didn't really blow me away. The two places I saw them I thought they were very grainy and looked almost plastic/fake but that could be how they were painted - they were a bit shiny. I am going to go down and look at Unfitted but looking at their website prices I think they may be out of budget as they want close to £2k for a double width larder and I need 2, whereas Handmade (I think) are half that and the product (at least from online pictures) look very similar. There's also a fairly local place called Russell Alexander who do handmade stuff so I will try them as well. Please keep it coming everyone, you are helping me through the fog.

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