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Has anyone used purplebricks

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Andcake Sun 01-Feb-15 20:00:44

Either to buy or sell. Just that really I'm tempted after reading an article about it but worry as I've never sold a home before.
I also see quite a few properties from them on zoopla?

Mthornton65 Sat 22-Oct-16 21:28:07

Worst service ever.

We signed up after watching the adverts on TV expecting to get an excellent service and support from the local expert and how disappointed were we.
The valuation was carried out and the board arrived quickly and then it stopped. No support from the local expert unless we texted him and provoked a response. A low offer was made after two weeks but where was the lical expert, on holiday ans no one else on standby to negoiate. After complai ing again eventually someone was put on point to discuss the offer but this was never followed up unless we complained. The app suggest you can ask them to manage negotiations and that didn't work. Twice we rang head office and complained and they never responded on either occasion. The local expert tells us his job is to get it on the market only!!!!!!!!!@@
So totally dissatisfied with the service we asked them to take it off the market after two months and told we have to do that and if we did they would request their payment in full.
So all your paying for is a board and to be advertised on rightmost and zoopla.
Don't waste your money people unless you want to do it all yourself.
How does this poor service justify a fee of £758, what happened to no sale no fee, I guess a complaint to the ombudsman is required!

Have you seen the latest advert, well don't believe a word of it. Once it's on the market the local area agent walks away as it's not his job to do anymore!!!!!!!!
You'll get encouraging words like, ' your house is like marmite they'll either love it or hate it'.

Within 15 mins of placing this review I had an area director ring me. He investigated the complaint admitted the complaint was correct. Offered a reduction in price not cancel the fee and for another agent to look after me. The director said he would email me confirmation of our discussion to consider and guess what never recieved the email or letter. Yet more empty promises from Purplebricks.

Had to now revert to the high street agent.

Good luck.

Nan0second Sat 22-Oct-16 21:30:54

We used house simple and they were brilliant.
We lived in a good area where property was selling well and we priced realistically.

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