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I'm at it again - kitchens this time...

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Crikeyblimey Sat 31-Jan-15 22:53:44


If I want grey floor tiles in the kitchen / dining / family room (and continued in the hall. And I want cream shaker style cupboards. What colour is my work top?

obsessedwithinteriors Sat 31-Jan-15 22:56:43

oak without a doubt.

obsessedwithinteriors Sat 31-Jan-15 22:57:57

I wouldn't continue the kitchen floor into the hall though - just personal preference.

Crikeyblimey Sat 31-Jan-15 23:02:50

Why not obsessed? It is a large kitchen / dining / fam area with a regular sized hall. Would you suggest a different hall flooring? Carpet? Same as stairs? Or a third floor type??

obsessedwithinteriors Sat 31-Jan-15 23:08:50

I just think it looks strange to have the hall the same as kitchen. Nice to differentiate them. I would prob go for carpet in hall leading straight up the stairs, so really clean, same colour. If you have a period house, get the gorgeous, gold runners for each stair step. You can also get almost a huge bit of mat built in when you just come into the door, then the carpet leads off from there to avoid carpet getting soiled. Does the kitchen lead off from the hall? Can you see the kitchen floor from the hall, cos if you then go for a third floor, you'll have floor hall hard, kitchen floor hard and different colour on stairs.....too busy really.

Londonbug1 Sat 31-Jan-15 23:17:53

Not sure here- have a friend who has the same hal tiles l as kitchen tiles in a very nice Edwardian house. They are porcelain tiles in cream - very nice but I think it's a bit strange, as usually there would be period tiles .
Practically they are good for dogs kids etc but a little bit bleak in my opinion.
Mind you I'm not exactly Laura Ashley so what do I know!!?

Crikeyblimey Sat 31-Jan-15 23:39:59

I'm tempted by carpet hall and stairs / landing with a big mat at the door and then tiles in the kitchen etc.
Yes, you can see the hall from the kitchen (if the door is open!)
So - we agreed that cream cabinets, grey tiles and oak work tops then? They will have to be 'oak look' as I don't want actual wood and all the faff that goes with that.
Or should I go for wood floor and dark grey work tops?

Crikeyblimey Sat 31-Jan-15 23:41:06

Oh - and it is a new build so I'm trying to add character without it looking out of place.

obsessedwithinteriors Sat 31-Jan-15 23:51:06

Oak laminate then.....

Grey worktops sound hideous....don't do that.

Never go wrong with cream shaker units(decent quality), wood tops (light oak) and a ceramic butler sink. Stunning. Never dates too. Make sure lighting is soft and not too modern.

Saw thé above at a friends this week completly ruined with trendy coloured spotlights under the units. It looked like à school disco, I could have cried.

Seagrass carpets or something with à slight twist lovely, unless you have pets. I like a light colour, maybe with a slightly darker fleck.....

wowfudge Sun 01-Feb-15 00:10:51

Seagrass is stuck to an underlay which is stuck to the floor beneath. I wouldn't because it's a bugger to get rid of should you decide you want to change it in the future. What about kardean or amtico in hall and through into kitchen, etc with carpet on stairs and landing?

SASASI Sun 01-Feb-15 00:58:19

My new kitchen is going to be cream shaker, sparkly grey silestone worktop & mid grey tiles with dark grey grout. The floor tiles will follow into our dining & living areas.

I despise wood worktops although have no reason why! They just are not me.

Hall is going to be large cream tiles. We will use side door as our main entrance & exit.

grumbleina Sun 01-Feb-15 01:37:55

Tiles in hall could be nice if you then add a runner. Divides the space without needing an awkward line at the doorway where the flooring changes.

If it's not going to be real wood then maybe something else? Granite? Is the floor dark or pale grey? If pale then a darker counter, if dark then a paler, I would say.

SmellTheGlove Sun 01-Feb-15 08:01:20

Sounds similar to my planned kitchen - white shaker units, slate effect karndean floor, wood effect laminate worktops. And probably sage green metro tiles above worktop. The laminate is a sort of bamboo effect from benchmarx. Looks nice!

itsnothingoriginal Sun 01-Feb-15 17:51:42

Yep I've got similar style in my kitchen so cream shaker units, dark grey karndean flooring (tiles) with both neutral and contrasting olive green walls. Worktop is white beech effect laminate. Very happy with it - feels light and bright even though flooring is dark.

FlorIxora Sun 01-Feb-15 19:24:21

I would say oak too. How come you're choosing the floor before the countertop (or am I doing things the wrong way round?)?

tellmemore1982 Sun 01-Feb-15 19:53:49

I have just put in a "stone" coloured wood shaker kitchen with earthy grey floor porcelain floor tiles and a black granite worktop. The black granite sets it off amazingly as it's a great contrast and makes it more modern.

But then again I was aiming for a modern finish and don't like wood surfaces, so it depends a lot on the age and overall style of the house you are aiming for.

LucyPie Sun 01-Feb-15 19:56:33

We are planning limestone looking porcelain tiles in the hall flowing into the kitchen and carpet up the stairs and landing - we didn't think that seemed odd.

SASASI Mon 02-Feb-15 14:48:16

Tell me more - any chance of a pic? nosey

tellmemore1982 Mon 02-Feb-15 23:03:58

Of course grin it's still work in progress though as hasn't been decorated, can I pm you with it once done? What's your time frame

tellmemore1982 Mon 02-Feb-15 23:12:35

Sorry just reread the nosey bit - ignore my question about time frames! I will try to send when done

SASASI Tue 03-Feb-15 22:26:57

Lovely, thanks smile meant to say I'm just being nosey!

Hopefully starting our rennovation April / May just waiting on planning permission going through

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