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Losing smallest bedroom for upstairs bathroom

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LadyCurd Sat 31-Jan-15 14:08:47

We live in a 4bed Victorian terrace (loft conversion is beautiful no en suite up there though and no possibility as we sided not to lose bedroom 2space to locate stairs different so we could squeeze one in), big master, small double and good sized single bedroom. Upstairs we also have a loo and sink in cupboard on landing (mains drainage not saniflo). Bathroom is downstairs and out the back in the icy cold extension. We have a towel radiator in there and electric heater but generally for 4-6 months of the year using the room is fairly miserable experience.

I debated with DH about swapping loo and sink to tiny windowless shower room by chopping out some of the master, but ventilation an issue (extractor fan would have to go through a bedroom), so only way we can get upstairs bathroom is by losing smallest bedroom (space for separate shower, loo, sink and decent sized bath.

DH is very reluctant (has been known to hint I'm a princess for wanting to shower in warmth! Humph!). We were moving but after 4.5months of being messed around by the vendors and them demanding more money we have pulled out meaning we are here for the foreseeable. We have two kids and potentially would like another though unsure at mo. Two kids currently share smallest bedroom in bunk beds which due to layout of room blocks window) loft is office (I work from home) and spare room though ultimately may need to be rejigged. (Thinking chucking kids and all their toys into loft, though not ideal as have built in double bed and bespoke desk space in eaves!)

Have checked with estate agents and they think will make it easier to sell in future, it shouldn't affect value but we are almost at limit of what we have spent on house that we will ever get back so need to be careful what we spend, as the plumbing is in place it shouldn't be too horrific but will need building regs sign off (which we didn't get for loo and sink which may cause issue!)

Would either convert the upstairs loo cupboard into a small walk in wardrobe (for loft bedroom users as wardrobes tricky up there due to head height) or a tiny office for me (windowless though), then my plan might be to turn the small downstairs bathroom into a downstairs shower room with loo, sink and shower and loads of utility space and dirty laundry sorting cuboards etc. but may leave for now as costs and getting carried away.

Ultimately this was never supposed to be our forever house and have already been here two years longer than expected but now my best friend lives across the street and we are in and out of each other's houses and our kids are best mates and we are 5min walk to primary school so for the next 6 years I can live here until kids are teens and think we will grow out of it (tiny galley kitchen) especially if we have three. We just can't face going through more stress like last few months have been when we were moving.

Sorry for long post- trying to give all relevant info. Can you help me decide what to do for the best and give me some statements to help convince DH upstairs bathroom is good idea. smile

grumbleina Sat 31-Jan-15 14:23:49

I don't think it's a bad idea, but in terms of spend, would it be possible to invest in warming up the downstairs bathroom more instead? If that's the main issue with it?

LadyCurd Sat 31-Jan-15 14:30:22

Yup, underfloor heating is option, but as we have fitted units in there (naff ones) we would need to rip them out to raise the loo onto the new floor. So effectively new ish bathroom anyhow. I hate tramping up and downstairs in my towel, squeezing past people in narrow galley kitchen, and moving clothes and towels up and downstairs all the time. Maybe I am a princess after all!

Other option of insulated boards and replastering would require lots of work and a new bath as would no longer fit, and it's an already small room. Possibility of cavity wall insulation but one wall is bit damp on neighbours side and no damp proof course so that is a can of worms waiting to happen so not sure I want to go down that route!

LadyCurd Sat 31-Jan-15 14:33:01

P.s That's what DH wants to do. Rats first reply supports his idea ;) maybe I won't show him this thread after all. ;)

bilbodog Sat 31-Jan-15 15:23:17

we had a similar problem with a very cold downstairs bathroom at our Victorian cottage. i was tempted to use the smallest bedroom and turn it into the new bathroom but builder persuaded me not to lose a bedroom unless absolutely necessary. We were able to rejig some walls and take a portion of the 2nd (reasonably large) bedroom and it was exactly right. So we now still have 3 bedrooms upstairs and good size family bathroom (big enough for freestanding bath and corner shower) and then we were able to knock the kitchen through to old bathroom and put doors into garden. Did cost us a lot to do by the end of it though. could be something you could work towards?

LadyCurd Sat 31-Jan-15 15:43:40

I attach the floor plan. (Not our house but basically identical, our kitchen is a little longer). Issue is windows. Don't think we have the width to get a windowed bathroom. If anyone has any genius ideas do shout!

Ours is only 4bed on street, all others 3beds or 2. Nice 4bed houses at premium round here and ours would be one of cheapest , BUT downstairs bathroom would put buyers off.

meadowquark Sat 31-Jan-15 16:57:56

Before having seen your floorplan I thought that moving the bathroom upstairs would be a good idea, but could easily add shower by cutting off the corner of the master bedroom - a winner and least disruption!

IssyStark Sat 31-Jan-15 17:10:41

I would definitely move the bathroom upstairs. A cold, downstairs kitchen through the kitchen has turned me off otherwise pleasant houses when we've been house hunting.
You'll still have three bedrooms at the end, which is what you started with, plus you'll have a decent sized utility room.
If you're going to be there for another 4-6 years I would say it would be worth it.

grumbleina Sat 31-Jan-15 17:26:26

Having seen your plan - I'm presuming your downstairs bath is where the 'store' is. I think I'd do it as long as I could keep costs to a level where it was still adding value to the house, especially as you're not planning to stay there. Depending how much equity you have in it, I guess, though.

And after all, if you wanted to you could list that front sitting room as a fourth bedroom. That's what they'd do in London!

blendedfamilygrinch Sat 31-Jan-15 17:38:40

I'd do it. The dc share anyway so could share bedroom 2 instead of 3. You still have loftroom as office/spare & a bigger kitchen in keeping with size of house.
If/when dc3 comes along & once out of your room, dc 1&2 share old master bedroom, dc3 moves into bedroom 2 & you use the loftroom.

LadyCurd Sat 31-Jan-15 18:26:12

Really helpful advice, thank you. Lots to think about. Bathroom is on end of kitchen as with floor plan not as store.

DH is concerned about structural walls and shower off landing, extractor fan main issue, would have to go out of back bedroom (complicated by angled chimney breast at end of room) as front of house has very characteristic tiles which would be ruined by having a vented extractor. Potentially could vent into loft eaves and out of roof though just have to make sure where loft steels are etc. would be exceptionally narrow, would have to swap to tiny tiny sink so no space for toothbrushing. Previously that was my favoured idea that was best plan BUT I do like showering in daylight to wake me up, and baths would still be cold and miserable (bath cools pretty quickly) I am sounding princessy again now!

I like idea of kids having master bedroom, we might have to squish into small double with kingsized bed and landing walk in wardrobe (formerly wc) as (and recognise I'm going to sound even more like a princess now) the upstairs loft bed is built in under eaves and double but walls up each side (so two adult people would sleep squished up to each other or a wall! So fine for guests occasionally or longer term single occupancy bit of a squash for couples. We could put our bed up there but then there would be the built in bed too.(people will think we are swingers!). Kind of regret not getting loft done with ensuite, but the layout of stairs would have changed bedroom 2 from double to single and landing would have been very dark (now it is light and airy thanks to skylight.

LadyCurd Mon 02-Feb-15 06:46:33

So turns out I'm pregnant! If it's a keeper looks like shower room off corner of master bedroom and underfloor heating is our best option! Sigh.

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