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House survey

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am67 Sat 31-Jan-15 07:18:59

My parents are buying a small house on a new development, which is just under 3 years old. They are paying cash so there will no mortgage. What are people's thoughts on a survey. Do they need one, they have the remainder of the Nhbc warranty.

Many thanks

FunnyBird Sat 31-Jan-15 07:31:11

I'm a surveyor.
I often think I'm wasting time when I do surveys of new builds.
But I will try hard to find something to report. And a homebuyer report will also have valuation advice in, which might be useful if they're not having a mortgage

Quitelikely Sat 31-Jan-15 07:34:10

I don't think they do. Anything majorly wrong will be covered by the warranty.

I think it would be a waste of money.

MisForMumNotMaid Sat 31-Jan-15 07:36:57

A lot of insurance details, for buildings insurance, require a validation that to the best of your knowledge the building was in good condition at some point and any damage / loss to it is since the period of insurance. Without a survey that could be hard to prove. I appreciate its new build but even so.

I've had various surveys not mortgage linked. You're talking about maybe £200 for a non mortgage report and surveyors valuation (negotiate over price particularly if its not slowing things down)

am67 Sat 31-Jan-15 20:52:03

Thanks for the replies.

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