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Antique clock servicing

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BoffinMum Fri 30-Jan-15 17:52:55

I've inherited a 19th century wall clock that isn't particularly valuable (£150), but it is attractive and I like it. I need to have it serviced and I was wondering where might be a good place to take it in Cambridge. One person quoted me £1500 to do it so I politely declined, shall we say.

CMOTDibbler Fri 30-Jan-15 17:58:22

Our local clock repair shop has in its window the membership of the BHI and you can search for local people on their website.

BoffinMum Sat 31-Jan-15 08:33:13

Great! One in Saffron Walden which is not too far from me. That's great - thanks!

I am posting a picture of the clock in case you are interested. smile

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