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Please show me your pantry!

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hangoninaminute Fri 30-Jan-15 11:28:58

I'm designing our new kitchen and I want a pantry/larder type thing but not sure how the shelves, drawers, cupboards should be. I originally wanted a dresser pantry but I'm thinking a tall larger unit would be a better use of space?

bilbodog Fri 30-Jan-15 14:43:35

M & S do a nice one - I have used an antique pine school cupboard for mine.

Marmitelover55 Fri 30-Jan-15 15:01:42

Here is mine

IssyStark Fri 30-Jan-15 15:04:23

What's a dresser pantry?

I though a pantry was always a walk-in cupboard or is this another difference in language depending on where in the British Isles you are from, like airing cupboard/hot press?

Marmitelover55 Fri 30-Jan-15 15:20:06

Oh yes - sorry mine is a larder I think

wowfudge Fri 30-Jan-15 15:21:32

To me a pantry is something you can walk into, rather than a larder cupboard. I think a dresser pantry might be a larder cupboard affair which looks like a dresser from the outside, so base unit depth on bottom with wall unit depth on top sitting directly on worksurface. I may well be wrong though!

Cakealicious Fri 30-Jan-15 17:13:34

We have a pantry in our new house, it's a large walk in cupboard. Currently it's in a right state and apart from ripping out the broken shelves and painting it I have no idea what to do with it! But I can't wait to use it.

FunMitFlags Fri 30-Jan-15 19:12:44

Our pantry is a room off the kitchen, approx 3.5m x 2.5. It has 4 deep shelves that run the full length of one wall.

We use the shelves to store all cans, bottles, sealed non-perishable foodstuffs, also things that we don't use often (thermos flasks, cake times etc). We also keep all the recycling boxes and a selection of wellies there too.

No picture as it's currently a building site (new ceiling and plastering needed).

UmizoomiThis Fri 30-Jan-15 19:57:22

Look at houzz

Select location to UK if you want a unit type of pantry or United States if you want a walk in type

hangoninaminute Sun 01-Feb-15 15:30:00

Hi - thanks for your replies. Sorry for my confusion. I too think a 'proper' pantry is a walk in cupboard. From researching and talking about kitchens for the last month more and more people are calling tall cupboards pantry's or even larders. And it certainly didn't help that I put a typo in my original post. Apologies!

In case anyone else stumbles across my post I would be interested in seeing how you have organised your floor to ceiling cupboard and use it to store things like pasta, cereals, jars, cans etc. How has yours worked for you? Or is a dresser which can look like base cabinet on the bottom and a wall cabinet on top (separated with a bit of work top) look and work better for practicality?

Thanks smile

UmizoomiThis Sun 01-Feb-15 15:51:28

Growing up in a mild climate, I recall the most day to day used items were in centre and right facing shelves, at eye level. Heavy items on the bottom, seasonal ingredients on top shelves. Water/bottles on floor. The "proper" pantry that my grandmother had in a cold climate use to have proper doors and a small outside window, however. You'd store veg and meats that would normally be refrigerated near the window (which sometimes would be opened in winter) or on the lower shelves, as the floor was usually tiled or cement (and therefore cold).

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