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Slate worktops any thoughts or experience?

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Lelivre Fri 30-Jan-15 10:07:18

I've found a mid tone greeny-grey Brazilian slate is perfect with the units we are having. I love the organic, textured, velvety look of the slate. Apparently this slate is not as 'shale-y' as some.

But any thoughts welcome, I can't find much info, I know that it can scratch and chip but I guess that is true of any stone.

shovetheholly Fri 30-Jan-15 10:42:09

I don't know about worktops - perhaps they are sealed? - but I have a high quality slate hearth and it is a bit of a nightmare to keep oiled and cleaned. Dust and dirt tends to collect in the textured parts, and anything light-coloured will smear on it.

It is also very easily dented by anything heavy falling on it.

Unless kitchen slate is treated in some way that is different from my hearth, I would go cautiously!

Lelivre Fri 30-Jan-15 17:03:11

Thanks shove - bit disappointed to hear that though.

Lelivre Sun 01-Feb-15 11:39:06

Bumping in the hope of more feedback

ItIsntJustAPhase Sun 01-Feb-15 16:41:30

Someone recommends theirs in the good housekeeping board today. Thread near the top. Expect they might tell you about sealing etc.

CointreauVersial Sun 01-Feb-15 21:13:54

We have a long slate worktop in our bathroom (with a counter-top basin).

It looks absolutely lovely and I wouldn't change it for the world, but it does show dust and watermarks, so has to be wiped often and buffed dry. We've never oiled it.

Obviously it doesn't get such heavy use as it would in a kitchen but it seems pretty tough. Ours is quite textured; presumably you'd have a much smoother surface...

Madcats Sun 01-Feb-15 21:21:44

Not that you asked, but Silestone seems fairly immune to heavy pans/acid/bleach/grime/wine after 6 years.

I chipped the edge of a sink overlay on a corner with a cast iron pan, but no staining after 6 years of misuse (and no maintenance).

Lelivre Wed 04-Feb-15 13:11:12

Silestone looks lovely and a great choice for wear and tear of the kitchen. But beyond my means sad

minipie Wed 04-Feb-15 16:33:26

My parents have greeny slate (not sure where it's from) as their kitchen worktop. It's honed - so it's smooth rather than textured, but not shiny - and looks beautiful. They are quite careful with it though eg they try not to leave oily spoons or hot pans on it.

I would never have a textured kitchen worktop!

Lelivre Wed 04-Feb-15 20:08:32

Thanks minipie. I thought it was more heat and stain resistant than granite but prone to scratches. I may be misinformed, I am having trouble getting information.

minipie Wed 04-Feb-15 22:02:24

I think it's reasonably robust - they are just very careful! they will have done a lot of research before putting it in (they are that sort wink) and doubt they would have gone for anything too fragile.

Lelivre Thu 05-Feb-15 09:26:14

Haha good to know - thanks. I won't bin the idea yet then. Looking at stone again tomorrow. The samples I have show the slate isn't staining with black coffee, the granite is. But definitely the slate has this softness to it which could be bad re dings over time hmmmm

minipie Thu 05-Feb-15 12:09:29

They do have a chip in the bit round their sink now I think of it - caused by dropping a cast iron pan - it's possible granite would have chipped too mind you since those pans are incredibly heavy! No other marks though.

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