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Party Wall Surveyor Fees: Disbursements: What a rip-off!

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pamthepam Thu 29-Jan-15 23:10:38

We agreed a fee with a PW surveyor. Initially I named a PW surveyor on the notices I served for our neighbour who had indicated they were content with our proposals but just wanted the benefit of a formal agreement. The neighbours then completely reneged on the agreement and dissented the notices thereby giving them the right to appoint their own PW surveyor [which I, as the Building Owner-BO] would be responsible for. They appointed a PW surveyor 190 MILES AWAY!
The deal when the Adjoining Owner [AO] dissents is that they can nominate their own PW surveyor - who in turn can charge what he wants and the first the BO will know about the charges is when the 'award' is delivered. Licence to print money really.
Anyway, I circumvented their ruse somewhat as the PW surveyor I nominated was not actually available so I asked 'their' PW surveyor to act as the 'agreed' surveyor. He then had to offer me a fixed price. Of course the AOs were none too pleased with this - having lost the opportunity to rack up the bill for me, but it would have looked decidedly odd if they had declined the proposal given this was their 'preferred' PW surveyor.

When the award [which was wrong] finally arrived [late] the invoice for disbursements was quite large. He charged me for Land Registry fees [to check my deeds and that of the AO] Postage - for posting out the 'award'. 10p for each photo he'd taken - 150 of them - most of them duplicate and of no value. Extra to put said photos onto a CD. The award itself had some colour prints in - he charged me £1.00 each A4 print [no need to print in colour] and the plans themselves - he charged me £1.50 for each A3 colour print - yet there was no colour in the plans - only the architect's logo. So each award cost £25 each approx. x 3 alone.
The question is - is it reasonable for PW surveyors to charge all these extras and call them disbursements. It would be like my architect agreeing a set fee for the plans and then when they were delivered charging me the postage costs and £1.50 per sheet of the plans? I just feel that the PW surveyor and the AOs are in collusion - why else would you appoint someone so far away and how is that reasonable - oh yes the mileage - accepted charge is 45p but he charges 60p.
Does anyone have experience of what the PW surveyors charge for disbursements........It all seems a racket!

superram Sat 31-Jan-15 14:13:53

I can't give advice but just wait till you have finished the work and your neighbours want money for minute things-we used the wrong colour london stocks. They are all different shades of yellow-that is the point..... Licence for your neighbours to have you over a barrel and extort money. I will be reporting my neighbours surveyor to RICS-once this is all sorted!

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