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Multi plug sockets

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Wibble1999 Thu 29-Jan-15 19:26:19

I'm having an electrician to fit some new plug socket. I want a bank of 4 -6 sockets.
Does anyone know if you can buy them as 4 -6 wall sockets or do I need to buy 2 or 3 ...two plug sockets?

PigletJohn Thu 29-Jan-15 19:51:26

If you get a single multisocket, it will have to be fused at 13Amp for the whole bank. So if you run a kettle plus a toaster at the same time, or a washer and a drier, it will blow. It is much more satisfactory to have several doubles.

If you are talking about a kitchen or futility, a double socket every metre, 150mm above the worktop, is a reasonable number. You will also need a DP switch, feeding a single unswitched socket below the worktop, in every position where you have, or might one day want, an undercounter appliance such as a fridge or dishwasher. It is very economical on cable and labour to do them like that, preferably before the kitchen is fitted out.

hifi Thu 29-Jan-15 19:57:32

this might help if you have loads of phones/tablets

Wibble1999 Thu 29-Jan-15 20:05:11

It's a bedroom.
Behind the bed on each side I want 4 points, for electric blanket, light and 2 chargers.
Was hoping for a 4 socket rather than 2 x 2 sockets.

PigletJohn Thu 29-Jan-15 20:15:51

you could have surface-mounted dado trunking if you like that sort of thing.

If the room is not being rewired, or the floor taken up, so the ring can be broken and extended, it will be tricky to have more than a 13A total on each side of the bed.

It will look a bit odd when you take the bed away.

I will confess to having a plug-in multiway adaptor on each side of the bed, kicked underneath out of sight. There is a proper double on each side, which is fairly normal.

Wibble1999 Fri 30-Jan-15 11:16:12

The Recomendation above with the usb sockets as part of the two plug switch, is exactly what I need. Thank you!

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