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broken boiler, rented property

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duzzlightyearsmum Thu 29-Jan-15 12:04:32

Our boiler isn't working. I've phoned the agency property coordinator who told me they will treat it as a top priority case as we have a 3year old and 4 month old living here. She said she'll need to speak to the landlord and check she's happy for them to send an engineer.

Where do we stand if for some odd reason the landlord refuses?

If they send someone who cannot fix it today what then? What do they have to do if anything?

specialsubject Thu 29-Jan-15 12:24:10

Why do you expect the landlord to refuse? The agency does need to speak to them as they will be paying. The landlord may have insurance cover for this anyway.

In the real world you do not necessarily get a technician 'today' - landlords do not have priority over anyone else. It is January and lots of boilers are failing. They'll get someone to you as soon as they can.

top priority for the fixit people is the elderly who ARE vulnerable to the cold. Small children can be well wrapped up - unless your baby has serious health issues it is perfectly capable of maintaining its body temperature if correctly dressed. Same for you and the toddler.

Like everyone else, keep an electric heater in the house for these occasions.

the landlord is obliged to keep heating and hot water working, and to do so within a reasonable time.

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