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Nursery Road, Bishops stortford- What's it like?

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April001 Wed 28-Jan-15 13:25:33

Wondering if someone out there can help....

Basically, myself and my partner are looking to move to Bishops Stortford.
I am pregnant and know there are good schools in the area (I know... i'm planning waayyy in advance, but we are first time buyers and want to settle in this area!).
At the moment we are considering Nursery Road as it's close to the station and town center and seems like a nice road from what we've seen.

My only hesitation is the parking.... It is permit parking but we have 2 cars and i'm really not sure what parking is like in this road!

It's a long shot, but is anyone from or familiar with this road who can let me know if they have had have trouble finding spaces to park!??

Thanks smile

ironingismorerelaxingthansex Sat 31-Jan-15 19:36:36

Do you currently live in BishSto or in that area? Are you currently living in a nearby location? I grew up five miles away and venture back there now and again.

It has an extremely vibrant nightlife and being near to the station may well mean you are on a cut through for those rowdy 2am walks home. Saying that, shops are lovely, Schools are fantastic apparently, but you are correct about parking. I think any road around the station and town centre are permit only and are rigidly enforced...

Funnily enough, I very nearly bought a repo in New Town Road many years ago, I totally fell in love with it. It was a tiny two up/two down and still had the old original outside toilet. I had an offer accepted for 47k and took a builder friend around to quote for works. Then a colleague I worked with (who lived in BishSto at the time) advised me to go there at around midnight as it leads away/towards the high street. It was a Thursday night, not even a weekend and it put me off that particular house. I moved to Chelmsford instead, which at the time was pretty quiet and had not yet been invaded by Uni Students....

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