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Urgent Call for Piglet John

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Fairyfellowsmasterstroke Tue 27-Jan-15 19:04:45

Hi Pigletjohn - your DIY expertise/knowledge/mystery solving skills are urgently required on this thread

So far we've drawn a blank but, because we're nosey little buggers we're intrigued by it.

Can you throw any light onto the situation????
Any logical ideas????
Can your DIY skills explain it??

If you can't help then we're lost sad

<<sits back and awaits the master's input>>


PigletJohn Tue 27-Jan-15 21:09:51


wowfudge Tue 27-Jan-15 21:16:37

Oh come on PJ - you don't strike me as being into 'woo'!

Fairyfellowsmasterstroke Tue 27-Jan-15 21:28:07

Fudge I agree.

I was hoping PJ might know of the mechanisms of light pulls - do they echo???

Can your light pull trigger nother mechanism?

Guess I'll never know sad

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