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Bathroom fitters and plumbers advice please

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obsessedwithinteriors Tue 27-Jan-15 16:15:45


I need to order one of these radiators before the sale ends (in 2 days!) and not sure what one to go for?

1) Comes with valves already, 5 year guarantee and output 568 watts:

2) Have to buy valves as an extra to fit, 10 year guarantee, output 323 watts:

The price is practically the same, (£12 difference, so nothing). My question is do I go for the one with the bigger heat output, but with only a 5 year guarantee OR the one with a smaller heat output, but a 10 year guarantee?

Is 245 watts a lot of heat to compromise on, for the sake of a 5 year extra guarantee?

Bathroom is average size and not particularly cold.

Many thanks.

wowfudge Tue 27-Jan-15 16:37:00

The clue is in the name: heated towel rail. They are not good at heating the room. BIL is a plumber and has fitted a small radiator as well; the towel rail didn't heat the bathroom sufficiently although it was high output. Go for the bigger heat output if you really want one.

obsessedwithinteriors Tue 27-Jan-15 16:40:05

Thanks wow, didn't even really consider that <head in hands> I love the design though, can't find a radiator similar style.

shobby Tue 27-Jan-15 16:45:52

We bought a lovely high output heated towel rail for our bathroom refit last year, and find it is just about sufficient.......but we have underfloor heating as well! One thing you need to be careful of as we have found out is that the towel rail gets VERY hot, and because ours is positioned mid way up a wall, we have all caught our arms/backs on the edge of it where the towels don't cover. I now drape a towel over the top corner to prevent mishaps which spoils the look and minimises the heat thrown out into the room.

wowfudge Tue 27-Jan-15 20:05:22

I've come to the conclusion that most designs don't allow you to actually get many towels on there and a radiator with a rail hanging off it or towel rail above a radiator is a better idea. They look good though! White ones give out more heat btw.

PigletJohn Tue 27-Jan-15 20:19:39

I reckon you need a 600W radiator to heat a typical small bathroom, in addition to any heated towel-rail. Rails don't give out much heat, especially when they are lagged with a thick insulating layer of towels.

Chrome-plated steel rails seem to rust quickly. Chromed brass is OK, but expensive, and you might not find it.

obsessedwithinteriors Tue 27-Jan-15 20:20:49

Thanks, you're all so helpful!

I'm going to take a risk and get it before it goes back up to full price.

Our home gets pretty warm quickly, our current radiator is exactly the same size as the ones in link, so we only have a small one anyway. We also don't have a window in bathroom, so heat doesn't tend to escape. I also often have a bath with the door wide open and am fine. Saying that, really hope it will be warm enough.

Also, I'm massively anal, so wouldn't really have towels on it all the time. After they've dried, they'll be hung on the hook behind the door - out of sight!!

obsessedwithinteriors Tue 27-Jan-15 20:22:23

Just seen your post Piglet - is your opinion the same after all the details I've posted?

How do you stop the chrome plated rails rusting please?

PigletJohn Tue 27-Jan-15 20:57:18

the Savoy is considerably more powerful. The Stamford looks too weak to me.

The only way I know to avoid chromed steel going rusty, is not to buy it. You will be using a corrosion inhibitor mixed with the radiator water, of course, but they do have a reputation for rust. I don't know if they are Chinese imports. Chinese steel is surprisingly variable in quality.

I had a quick look and couldn't see any brass ones, but I saw that Duratherm spec mentions it is chrome on nickel on copper, which IIRC is supposed to be durable. I don't know much about plating technology.

Bathroom radiators are prone to condensation if they are left turned off, and there will be wet or damp towels on the steel tubes, which will encourage rust. My car has stainless steel brightwork but older cars used to get rusty chrome, even though it was done to a much higher spec than ornamental houseware. I remember being told that chrome plating encourages steel to rust because it is higher up the electrochemical table or something. Zinc (galvanising) protects steel because the zinc corrodes first. We need to find an industrial chemist who will know.

PigletJohn Tue 27-Jan-15 21:01:50

found some examples



Either should be durable. Might be expensive. There must be other suppliers.

obsessedwithinteriors Tue 27-Jan-15 21:16:32

Wow. thank you so much Piglet John? I take it you do this for a living then?

Do you think if I buy the Savoy that will be OK? I don't want to have to buy another one if we're too cold?

I've have a look at the website - the comparison for the Savoy is 6 times the price:

Just can't afford that at all......

Sorry for all the questions.

obsessedwithinteriors Tue 27-Jan-15 21:39:49

Even Hudson Reed is the same watts, but double the price of the Savoy:

PigletJohn Tue 27-Jan-15 22:19:45

the Savoy in the link at £169.95 said it has an output of 1026 watts which is ample for a typical bathroom. I would put a TRV on it so the room does not get too warm, though you can do a much rougher adjustment with the lockshield valve at about half a turn open.

obsessedwithinteriors Tue 27-Jan-15 22:49:14

Thank you Piglet John, I can sleep well tonight now, not thinking about this!

I'm afraid to say I have no idea what you mean by the last sentence, but will copy and paste it for the person who fits the bathroom.

Are you available for bathroom fitting btw?! I live in Hertfordshire.

PigletJohn Tue 27-Jan-15 22:58:26

no, I never actually do any work

obsessedwithinteriors Thu 29-Jan-15 12:03:15

Oh what a shame...thank you anyway. I am planning my dream bathroom so will probably be a pita asking lots of questions over the forthcoming weeks!

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