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No kitchen wall units - where do people store all their things??

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EmGee Sat 24-Jan-15 21:42:45

Planning a new kitchen in our new house. Existing one has hardly any storage (bar one and a half annoying under the counter cupboards and three under the hob drawers which are fab). I have boxes of kitchen stuff/food/appliances out in the back of the garage - which has the potential to become a sort of pantry in the future. I chucked a lot of stuff before we moved so it's not just clutter

But where do people who have no wall units keep everything?? (Especially if they don't have a pantry style room, or a big larder?) I'm really intrigued. Had a look at Houzz and lots of lovely kitchens but hardly any wall units/storage.

If anyone has any good tips to pass on, I'm all ears. I love the minimalist look but also want the kitchen to be practical for ease of use. It's also open plan so needs to be tidy.

InteriorsMum Sat 24-Jan-15 21:50:07

We don't have wall units in our kitchen and I love it! Makes the room feel so much bigger, but we do have a pantry....

RaisingSteam Sat 24-Jan-15 22:19:07

Wardrobe sized larder with clever shelves. A few open shelves.
We did cave in and need one wall unit above the kettle for mugs and glasses.

I have some friends who had a wall with 2 big double cupboards floor to ceiling but only about 30cm deep, behind white sliding doors. Just on one wall of the kitchen but along the edge rather than the work area. Inside were about 8 shelves stacked out with everything from cereal packets to mixers and serving bowls. You could get say some Ikea wardrobes and cut them down and shelf them out?

PigletJohn Sat 24-Jan-15 22:30:41

pan drawers are great.

CatsClaus Sat 24-Jan-15 22:40:42

i have a bank of "wall cupboards" ...almost floor to ceiling....they are in a recess so not much into the room and they have all the glassware/crockery/jugs/bakeware shite in ....they are all wall units which means they are not so deep and it really is sooooooo much easier to keep them tidy and organised and get to the back of them

other than that there a double sink unit, and then opposite side another double unit (baking sundries/tinned stuff) and 3 drawers. (all normal depth)

I use the four cupboards in the utility as more storage and have a specially made unit for baskets on top of the fridge for other stuff.....biscuits/crisps/extra coffee/teabags

I've never liked cupboards on walls.

PigletJohn Sat 24-Jan-15 23:46:52

I like the "tall wall" of floor-to-ceiling cupboards, but I was told it was old-fashioned sad

RaphaellaTheSpanishWaterDog Sat 24-Jan-15 23:54:52

We're having all pan drawers in our new them! Had a few in our last kitchen but wish I'd opted for more.

Last kitchen we decided to not have loads of wall cabinets - I don't particularly like them - but had a dresser type arrangement with a plate rack that was flanked on either side by a cupboard for glasses, mugs etc. Otherwise we just had four (two each side of the sink wall) chunky painted floating shelves with twenty four jars (six on each) containing dry goods.

We do also have a large free-standing larder cupboard though.....

mupperoon Sat 24-Jan-15 23:57:21

PigletJohn Old-fashioned? Aaargh, who told you that? In the same way as the wheel is old-fashioned!

We had a symmetrical run of wide pan drawers with hob / extractor central and a wall unit either side of the extractor, with opaque glass doors and lights in the cabinets.

And a tall wall opposite that!

So much storage. Sigh. I miss that kitchen.

echt Sun 25-Jan-15 06:46:48

We have floor-to-ceiling cupboard that is our larder. It's fab. However we did renovate within the footprint of the old kitchen, so many compromises, though this wan't one of them.

By modern standards our kitchen is small, so no island, no dining space. The other odd bit is it's at the front of the house, full of windows, so looks out onto the garden, road, and nosey dog walkers. We love it.

florentina1 Sun 25-Jan-15 09:10:20

We use under the stairs. Brilliant for appliances and pans. Deep wide shelves and you can see everything as soon as you open the doors.

jerryfudd Sun 25-Jan-15 11:11:07

We have yet to do our kitchen but when we do we can't have wall units either as have large windows across counter side. So we are going to have the pan drawers in main kitchen and have built a utility that has low and wall cabinets in and provides masses of storage

ToBeeOrNot Sun 25-Jan-15 13:25:01

I think generally the kitchens you see on Houzz will be large enough that there are enough base units alone for storage and/or they will have a pantry or larder or utility.

We have no wall units and a pantry, but we have enough base units that we could survive without the pantry. (5 base cupboards with internal drawers, 1 undersink drawer, 2 sets of pan drawers with shallow drawers above, under oven drawer)

TeddyBee Sun 25-Jan-15 21:11:42

Bugger. I totally didn't notice what a mess the top of the units was. It's like this now. Much poncier.

TeddyBee Sun 25-Jan-15 21:12:37

Gosh. That made no sense because my other post disappeared. Sorry. Can't face retyping it all.

Theveryhungrycaterpillar123 Mon 26-Jan-15 08:36:51

We have a whole wall of floor to ceiling units which also contain our ovens.

Marmitelover55 Mon 26-Jan-15 09:16:28

We don't have any wall units either but I do have two tall cupboards around the fridge with more storage over the top. I also have a pan rack which is great for freeing up cupboard space. I am planning to put some floating shelves on the walk above the sunk but haven't got round to this yet. Our kitchen is galley shaped (although it is open plan), so the architect thought wall units would make it feel narrower e and I think she is right. We do also have a smallish utility room too.

Millionprammiles Mon 26-Jan-15 11:21:56

We don't have any wall units and it drives me mad. Glasses are in drawers and there's nowhere out of reach of the toddler, who's now found our secret stash of chocolate.

We're going to have two wall cabinets installed before the toddler discovers the secret stash of chocolate biscuits too.

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