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Property price help - which seller has a more genuine price/value for money?

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minicar Sat 24-Jan-15 00:46:19


Can someone please help take a look at property prices in this area. The properties are being marketed are 100K more than highest sold house prices data from 2014. Some properties are better than others but I'm feeling the price difference is a bit too much.

Sold house prices on one of the streets -

Marketed properties in our budget -
4. - This property was listed for £665k, dropped down to £629k and now dropped down to 600k???

I like that the price of one the houses is coming down. I like the property but I'm doubtful of such a drastic drop.

5. Last one - - Too far off from either stations and don't know if the price is justified.

I know that properties listed for 575k are being sold quickly, probably at around £550K but its a pure guess.

If you are still reading this and interested, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

TheCrimsonQueen Sat 24-Jan-15 06:48:09

sorry this isn't much help but I like the second one. I done know the area but if you think they are overpriced there is nothing stopping you from making a lower offer

NoArmaniNoPunani Sat 24-Jan-15 07:41:24

A house is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it, which isn't necessarily what the vendor thinks it's worth. If you like one of them make an offer you think is appropriate.

SmellTheGlove Sat 24-Jan-15 07:41:57

I haven't looked at all the properties but for what it's worth I'm in Kingston so not far away and there's been a big drop in prices achieved around here. That isn't being reflected in asking prices much yet though as sellers are still clinging on to what they might have achieved last year. I recently accepted an offer of 40k under, as did a near neighbour, and we had an offer accepted of 50k under for another house also in Kingston. These are houses that would have gone within days probably for more than asking last summer.

wowfudge Sat 24-Jan-15 09:19:59

The thing that strikes me is that the first three are all different sizes - you've got 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms (not in order with the OP's listing). £650k seems - on the basis of your sample - to be the typical asking price for a 5 bedroom house in the area. Doesn't mean that's what they achieve though.

The Zoopla sold prices listing gives a guide, but again there is a lot of variation between the houses, from size to decorative state, some need new kitchens, some have good kitchens which are just not to my taste, etc, etc.

I think if you know what you are looking for you have to compare houses that are alike and decide whether an asking price is a fair one and what you think the place is actually worth.

Wellieswithaholein Sat 24-Jan-15 09:36:56

Can you wait and see what happens? Or are you in a rush? Prices around here can change quite a bit in a short time.
I really liked no:5 btw

wobblebobblehat Sat 24-Jan-15 11:50:58

I can't advise on prices as I don't know the area.

Going to look at houses and watching the market will help. The last time we moved I did this for about a year and I got a good feel for what would sell quickly. When I saw our current house, we moved quickly as it was pretty much exactly what we wanted at the right price. Have started to watch the market again as we are planning on moving shortly.

minicar Sat 24-Jan-15 12:45:30

Thank you for replies. We will keep a close eye on properties for a little longer. But good to know that offers under £40k or £50k is happening. On some I would pay about £70k under but felt that it might offend the seller so didn't go ahead. Thank you again.

specialsubject Sat 24-Jan-15 13:32:02

anyone who can be offended by a business transaction isn't worth worrying about.

you offer what you want to pay. They say 'no' if they don't want to accept. That's how it works.

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