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Warm neutral paint for kitchen

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Wineloffa Thu 22-Jan-15 15:04:57

Hi, I would appreciate your suggestions for a warm neutral shade of paint for my kitchen. Preferably Dulux as I'm going for Endurance to ward off kids and animals! My cabinets are F&B French Gray, work tops white quartz with white tile splash back, floor is slate grey tiles and ceiling is vaulted wood, which will be painted an off white colour. The room is North facing and features lots of glass so I'm after something to make it feel warmer?? My head is muddled looking at neutrals!! Thanks!

spotty26 Thu 22-Jan-15 15:23:19

Quartz grey...

Wineloffa Thu 22-Jan-15 15:35:31

Good suggestion Spotty! Thank you. I shall add it to the tester list! My main problem with warm neutrals is that a lot of them have yellow or pink undertones which I definitely don't want!

Wineloffa Thu 22-Jan-15 17:09:04

Anyone else have any ideas for a non yellow/ pink warm neutral??

Beckyt80 Thu 22-Jan-15 18:14:03

We have just had a new kitchen put in. F&B light blue cabinets with a white quartz worktop and splash backs. We have painted the walls natural calico which is nice and neutral and bright. We are having a wood floor so that will add some warmth to the colour.

Marmitelover55 Thu 22-Jan-15 18:24:42

We have done ours in Dulux Timeless - it's s very slightly creamy white and looks fab.

Wineloffa Thu 22-Jan-15 19:34:12

Thanks. We've had Natural Calico in our hall in the past but not sure it's warm enough? And the kitchen was Timeless at one stage too!

Gozogozo Thu 22-Jan-15 21:03:07

One of the dulux earthen creams. There are 4 tints & the warmest shows a yellowish tint but you cannot really get a warm neutral.

Avaline Thu 22-Jan-15 23:25:35

F&b fawn. Get Dulux to make it up for you,

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