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help with cost of renovating a 2 bed apartment in greater london/surrey border

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mum2015 Wed 21-Jan-15 17:03:28

We are looking at buying a 2 bed apartment in greater london/surrey border area. The apartment needs full refurbishment. so far going through many threads this is what I am estimating

floor 3000
bath+seperate wc13000
kitchen 10000
electrics 5000
new boiler+GCH 4000
misc 3000

Does it look reasonable? We are complete novice when it comes to DIY and also have jobs with long hours. We can work from home to supervise the work but will not be able to do anything ourself except a bit on weekends.

Really need your feedback about this estimation so we can budget accordingly and is there anything else which I am missing?

mum2015 Thu 22-Jan-15 10:29:59

more details - I am looking at mid range refurbish like Ikea Kitchen, Bosch appliances, Bathstore bathroom etc. Do those estimates look ok? high? low? anything missing?

LBOCS Thu 22-Jan-15 15:04:17

The bath and kitchen estimates seem a little on the high side. We had our kitchen redone (including knocking a wall down, moving everything about and having an ikea kitchen installed with granite worktops) for about 12k and our new bathroom is coming to under 6k even though I'm moving the plumbing about and spending an absolute fortune on tiles.

LBOCS Thu 22-Jan-15 15:09:05

Also: what sort of condition are the rooms in? When you say redecorate, is that: remove textured wallpaper, make good crappy plaster, reline, decorate? Or is it just 'put some paint on the walls, do the woodwork'? It makes a big difference, cost wise.

For a more streamlined look you can buy entire rolls of neutral coloured wool mix carpets on eBay and then have them fitted throughout by an independent fitter - it'll probably work out less than doing each room separately in a poly carpet.

We live in Croydon, btw - so almost certainly not a million miles from you!

LBOCS Thu 22-Jan-15 15:10:30

Oh, and if you're getting a building company in to do the lot, get them to price up fitted wardrobes. They'll almost certainly have a competent chippy who can do it cheaper than national companies, provided what you want isn't too complex!

Joey8 Thu 22-Jan-15 15:16:13

If you are looking to replace windows or doors then (I keep posting it on this forum) but we always use this site: can calculate the costs of replacement windows according to sizes etc. Can't stress enough how useful it is!

mum2015 Thu 22-Jan-15 16:44:32

Thanks for replies and tips for flooring and wardrobes.

By the paint/decor I meant removing old wallpaper and skim plaster and paint. Should i budget more for it?

Yes bathroom I have no idea how much to estimate. Existing one is a bathroom and a seperate wc but there is space for adding wc to the esiting bathroom and if we could knockdown a wall between this seperate wc and a huge builtin cupboard next to it, the WC would be able to accomodate a sink and vanity as well. looking for really basic tiles and sanityware, not the chapest B&Q but not the high end duravit either. Is 13K good estimate for doing it all?

Any suggestion on rewiring and GCH costs is highly appreciated.

an identical apartment was sold for 475k august 2014 so similar market condition. I am offering 430k for the one which needs all this work. Am I underestimating the costs and effort? should i just wait for another one in good condition?

mum2015 Thu 22-Jan-15 16:46:20

when I said identical, I meant identical in size and layout but in quite good condition.

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