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Replacement triple glazed aluminium windows - recommendations?

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tigger123456 Wed 21-Jan-15 14:28:52

Hi! I am replacing some old aluminium framed windows and want to replace them with triple glazed insulated aluminium ones with as low a U-value as possible and really good sound insulation, but also with as slim frames as possible given that the windows are triple glazed.

So far I have been recommended one firm whose windows (Rationel) had really thick frames and who were really expensive, one local company who didn't listen and insisted I only needed double glazing, and a Croydon firm who made some windows for a neighbour which I think look really cheap and ugly (but he insists they are marvellous!).

A look on Google shows there are loads of firms out there - but which one to chose? My brain hurts!

Has anyone done a similar thing? Does anyone have any recommendations (or "avoid" advice!) for different makes of windows and installers, or local firms? (I'm in North London.)


CherriBlossim Tue 08-Dec-15 12:13:30

Hello OP. I'm doing a search for the same and saw that you didn't get any replies to this. How did you get on? We're looking for the same thing. Aluminium/triple glazed/slim frames.

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