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Kitchens. Homebase Essentials solid oak or Howdens oak veneered doors?

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CrapBag Wed 21-Jan-15 13:29:13

Still dithering about this.

We have a Homebase kitchen due to be delivered next month, it is from their Essentials range but it is solid oak. I was going to get an oak one from the range up but these were veneered so I didn't bother. Salesman showed me the different doors to compare and the Essentials one was far better. He said there is very little difference in the cabinets themselves. They also price matched all the appliances I found so we are getting the lot for £3365 including hob, extractor, decent sink and tap and a free integrated dishwasher. It's a good size kitchen so a fair few cupboards and drawer units.

The fitter we are now going to use has a Howdens account and I went and had a look yesterday. They are currently drawing up the plans now based on the Homebase plan as I was happy with what they came up with. Unfortunately the original kitchen I picked at Howdens happened to be their most expensive. This was the only solid oak one they do. They can only get me a price to match my current order on their cheaper range kitchens, ie veneered doors. They are pricing up the mid range and the cheap range. Mid range the doors are 1 panel then covered with the oak veneer, cheap range is 5 panels covered with oak veneer then stuck together to form the door. Cabinets come in white or oak coloured for no extra cost which I do like the sound of and we wouldn't need to faff about with end panels.

To me, I think stick with the Homebase one which has the solid oak doors. Surely the cabinets inside don't really matter and it's the doors that are more important? I wouldn't go with Howdens appliances as they have shocking reviews. We wouldn't be getting a free dish washer so would need to add the cost of that plus all the stuff that Homebase price matched, I can't seem to find at the prices I did at the time.

The kitchen in our last house came from MFI when they were closing down and it had been in for over 5 years and still, looked like it had just been done so I don't believe you have to spend 1000's and 1000's to get a nice kitchen.

Would you stick or not?

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