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Bathrooms, acrylic splashbacks, I don't know what I'm doing

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shaska Mon 19-Jan-15 11:14:41

The time has come to do the bathroom, and I have no idea what to do.
We need some sort of wall covering for the around the bath/shower area. It'll be ceiling-high, and the obvious thought was tiles, but I was looking at various splashback/panel type things and thought they'd be easier to keep clean (no grout! imagine! NO GROUT!) and thus better.

Only thing is, do they look crap? The thought of a three sided plastic wall sounds quite unappealing. They look ok in the shop....but do they wear well? I'm imagining scratches and cloudiness could look quite grim quite fast.

Ideally I think I'd like glass for proper shine and a bit more of a fancy look but DH tells me this would be a) just about impossible to fit b) expensive as hell and c) acrylic will look just as good.

Side question - showers. Shower is over the bath, so we need both shower head and bath fill, but we take way more showers than baths so would like to prioritise shower quality. Shower head needs to be on movable arm thingy, for cleaning. Have looked at aqualisa, there are a couple there that would be fine, but was wondering if anyone had any other recommendations for good (and good looking) brands.

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