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Underfloor heating - wet vs electric 2015 recap

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Izabellita Sun 18-Jan-15 23:47:07

I know this topic appeared before in 2012 but I am just about to face a decision whether to choose water pipes or electric mat for my underfloor heating. I have an extension to the house that is absolutely freezing and needs fixing before next winter. the radiator can't cope.
Overall, it seems that the water pipes are more efficient and less expensive in exploitation but pricey to set up (in my case this will require drilling the floor etc.) Electric mats have some positive feedback as well but the electric bills seem to be a problem.
Any new views in 2015? or recommendations?

willowisp Mon 19-Jan-15 00:16:58

We have wet in our lounge which is part of new extension, the other part of the room needed drilling up.

We're very pleased with it & it's on all the time when the hearings on.

We have electric underfloor heating in bedroom but rarely have it on because it's so expensive & takes a while to heat up.

Have another friend who's got electric heating in her kitchen but that's on a strict timer, again due to cost.

So wet all the way !

PigletJohn Mon 19-Jan-15 00:59:11

energy from electricity costs three times as much as energy from gas.

If you are having new floors, or old floors need to be taken up for some reason, that is a good time to install wet UFL as smallest additional cost.

Depending on size of kitchen, it might cost between 15p and 50p per hour to heat, using electricity.

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