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What is the best paint to use for woodwork?

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LoveDexter Sat 17-Jan-15 17:40:56

Am a bit stuck as to what is the best paint to use on stair banisters and skirting. I want white or near-white. So what brand do you think is best, water-based or oil-based, eggshell or satin (not sure what the difference us?) and what prep is required for already painted woodwork? Any help appreciated!

MILdesperandum Sat 17-Jan-15 19:16:35

I've been gradually changing all our woodwork from yellowing gloss to eggshell. I'm using Johnstones acrylic eggshell after a recommendation from a Mumsnetter and I've been really pleased with it so far. For already painted gloss I've been giving it a good sand and fill although some of the gloss tended to peel off which took ages

PigletJohn Sat 17-Jan-15 19:19:47

eggshell I find holds the dirt and will never look fully clean, especially where it is handled, such as doors and handrails.

satinwood is easier to clean, gloss easiest.

Oil paint is more durable, especially outdoors, but water paint will do indoors. it is I find less glossy than oil paint.

White oil paint tends to yellow if it can't see sunlight.

For prep, clean well. If surface is perfect and you are not changing colour, one topcoat will do. More often, fill any chips, lightly sand with fine paper, hoover off the dust, apply white acrylic primer undercoat, examine carefully, wipe lightly with fine paper to remove grit, spiders legs or runs, touch up and smooth off u/c if necessary. Apply another u/c if the old colour shows through. For skirtings, pull back the carpet and hoover out the gap well, and use a piece of card to prevent the brush touching the floor or picking up fluff. Wipe off all marks or drips before they start to dry.

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