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Range in chimney breast question

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LittlePickleHead Mon 12-Jan-15 12:55:32

For those of you that have done this -what sort of splashback did you go for within the chimney breast?

I'm considering a custom glass splashback, but in this case what would cover the left and right internal sides of the breast?

I do like the look of coloured metro tiles inside the breast as in this picture
But worried the grout would be a pain!

Any ideas welcome smile

LittlePickleHead Mon 12-Jan-15 12:56:31

Ps proper link

TheOnlyWayIsLindt Mon 12-Jan-15 13:04:41

We've got tiles and they carry on outside of the internal area as food splashes go surprisingly far!

TeddyBee Mon 12-Jan-15 13:11:10

Do the tiles, grout is easy and they look lovely!

TeddyBee Mon 12-Jan-15 13:11:40

Oh, in terms of getting stained. Why not pale tiles and grey grout then?

LittlePickleHead Mon 12-Jan-15 14:24:10

Lindt - do you mean your tiles wrap around the chimney breast?
Do you have the same colour all the way round your kitchen?

I was thinking of having plain white metro tiles above the work surface to make the chimney breast more of a feature, not sure how to join the two colours together through!

LittlePickleHead Mon 12-Jan-15 14:25:03

Oh and teddy, grey grout is an idea. Was thinking of grey tiles. Maybe light grey tiles with dark grout, or perhaps both dark would look better?

TheOnlyWayIsLindt Mon 12-Jan-15 14:28:59

Yes, they wrap around the chimney breast and then continue along one one side on the work surface there (have big larder cupboard on the other side).

IMHO tiles just inside the breast, like the picture you linked to, looks very sleek and stylish but isn't all that practical. It depends now much and what you cook though?

Eastwickwitch Mon 12-Jan-15 14:44:53

Ive got tiles in the whole chimney breast, grey/blue with darker grey grout.
They're rip off Fired Earth Crackle Metro.
They were sealed on installation and clean really easily.

LittlePickleHead Mon 12-Jan-15 14:48:11

Ooh I don't suppose there's a chance of a pic east? That sounds lovely

I really like the look of the tiles just in the breast.

Perhaps if I use a hard wearing white kitchen paint and touch it up frequently?

Eastwickwitch Mon 12-Jan-15 15:09:57

Is there a way of me sending you one without outing myself?
Will try & PM you.

MuscatBouschet Mon 12-Jan-15 15:49:52

We had glass on 3 sides.

LittlePickleHead Mon 12-Jan-15 16:30:29

That sounds lovely as well Muscat.

What is the join like in the corner?

Sunnyshores Mon 12-Jan-15 20:59:01

the dark tiles look lovely.

Although dark grout is a god idea, it depends how messy a cook you are! It would be easier to bleach the white grout regularly (ie with a toothbrush), or use grout pens (assume they only come in white).

pashmina696 Tue 13-Jan-15 22:24:14

glass on all 3 sides - mine is joined with a fine line of clear silicon sealant - so easy to take care of and looks great.

bumpertobumper Tue 13-Jan-15 22:26:56

we have a dark red range with black mini metro tiles and pale but not white grout.
was initially unsure about having dark times when a friend first suggested it but I really like it.

bumpertobumper Tue 13-Jan-15 22:27:37

dark tiles, obviously. just good times round herewink

LittlePickleHead Wed 14-Jan-15 16:47:14

I do like the idea of a glass splashback as well as tiles. Argh can't make a decision!

We have handless gloss cupboards with oak floor and worktop. It's open plan to the living area, which is grey sofas with splashes of colour from (yellow, duck egg blue, dark pink). Walls will be f&b strong white.

What colour splashback would work best? I was thinking grey but maybe that's a bit boring?

LittlePickleHead Wed 14-Jan-15 16:54:39

I meant to say the splashes of colour come from different cushions on the sofa. Not that the sofas are covered with splashes of colour!

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