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Colour scheme with navy sofas?

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Moonatic Mon 12-Jan-15 12:12:11

We are redecorating our living room and can stretch to new curtains and blinds, but not to a new set of sofas. Just wondered if anyone had any good ideas for a colour scheme? I know grey would work, but I'm just not into the whole grey thing. It's a reasonably sized room and quite bright. Furniture is oak. Oatmeal coloured carpet.
I can only rarely get my dh to agree to redecorate, so it is going to have to be something which won't date too quickly. I quite like duck-egg - would that work with navy? - but worry that might look a bit dated already.

BackforGood Mon 12-Jan-15 12:19:16

We've had a navy suite for years - and it's lovely because it will go with almost anything.
Duck egg would work, as would creams or 'buttermilk' type pale yellows. So would white (although personally I find it a bit stark), and - I know MN hates it, but magnolia works too.

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