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Building insurance settlement too low??

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Susanj89 Fri 09-Jan-15 14:32:07

Hi, can anybody advise?

I am currently in the unfortunate situation of negotiating a cash settlement with my insurance company.

To cut a long story short, I have had a rather large leak in my bathroom which has caused an enormous amount of damage in the kitchen below.

After several attempts, by the Insurance Company, to supply contractors I have been let down, so I have arranged with the appointed loss adjuster to accept a cash settlement. But, the cash settlement offer seems far too low to complete the required work.

I have finally, after many phone calls, been given a list of work that needs to be carried out (schedule of work). Unfortunately this schedule of work has no prices attached and after many discussions with my Insurance Company I have been informed that to 'supply the policy holder with prices is not common practice'.

A friend has suggested that I take my complaint to the ombudsman but I know that this will be even more time consuming and this has already been going on for months. All I am asking for are the prices for the listed work on the Insurance Company's schedule so that I can understand how Insurance Company/Loss adjuster have calculated the settlement offer.

Does anybody have any idea how to proceed from here, as it seems the Insurance Company are holding back much needed information?

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