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Concealed cistern

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sgtjoan Thu 08-Jan-15 18:20:15

We have just moved to a lovely house, but unfortunately the toilets have no access to the cistern, one of which has gone on the blink. They all seem to be of the same manufacture and display just a small chrome button embedded in the tiles. Two of them have a lid, which is where one would expect. However the lid is glued solid. We cannot think of a way of removing it. The third has no lid, so the only access appears to be gained by smashing the tiles.
Has anybody encountered this problem before?

summersoft Thu 08-Jan-15 18:53:08

If the push button is mounted in a largish square or rectangle panel, 10 x 10 cm or bigger. Then these usually come off for access into the cistern. Generally very fiddly.

wowfudge Thu 08-Jan-15 19:06:43

Yes, the front panels have magnets holding them in place. If you're not sure what to do, nip to a bathroom place and ask them to show you.

NormHonal Thu 08-Jan-15 19:08:56

Access to ours is via the button, which comes away and gives a space just large enough for a plumber to look in and slot in replacement parts (speaking from experience).

wonkylegs Thu 08-Jan-15 19:17:59

We had one that the developer had kindly tiled firmly in place. We managed to gently leaver off the top tiles & board underneath to gain access and fix it and then replaced with a varnished oak shelf which could be removed in future.

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