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Merstham, Redhill - Area review please

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ak2014 Thu 08-Jan-15 11:42:30


I'm looking to buy a property in Merstham. Its on Rockshaw Road. I really like the property but not sure about the area. There are mixed reviews online.

My husband needs to commute to London (Canary Wharf). Are there any good local primary schools?

Thank you!

LIZS Fri 09-Jan-15 07:26:25

How old is your dc ? A new infant school will be built just south of Merstham on A23 in next year or two. Merstham Primary is the better thought of of the two existing nearest ones (Furzefield the other) but hasn't had a particularly good Ofsted recently. Alternatively you could look at the one in Chaldon. Main issue with Rockshaw Road (and actually much of that area of Merstham) is noise form M25 whereas rail noise can be be an issue elsewhere, although prices do reflect that.

ak2014 Fri 09-Jan-15 09:52:28

Thanks Lizs. I have no children yet but don't want to move for 15 years at least for the lack of schools. Good to know that there are plans to open infant school. The houses on Rockshaw Road are pricey so wasn't sure if its worth the premium. Going for a viewing tomorrow so will see (hear) how bad is the noise.

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