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New side for corner bath

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CarpeJugulum Thu 08-Jan-15 06:59:15

The side of our corner bath has cracked at the lip between horizontal and vertical.

How easy would it be to replace and how do we do it? Would a plumber do it for us? (I'm not great at DIY and DH is the original Mr Bodge, so I'm hoping for easy and cheap!

PatterofaMinion Thu 08-Jan-15 09:22:46

I think with a corner bath your only reasonable option is going to be plastic/fibreglass panel, which you may well be able to buy cheaply from a local shop - somewhere like Screwfix or a bathroom showroom should be able to supply something.

Fitting it - have you got a wooden frame behind? I've never fitted a plastic panel, or a curved one, so not sure how they are attached.

Can you take off the old one and have a look?

Sorry not much help!

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