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Moving out - what to leave/take

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Mulledwineandmincepies Sun 04-Jan-15 17:40:05


We have recently sold out house so thinking about packing up. I can't recall last time we moved what we took and what we left in terms of lighting/blinds etc. Contract Includes all carpets and I think fitted blinds but what about curtain rails and lampshades? Some weren't cheap so would like to take but if I need to leave can I repalce with other shades etc?

Also any tips on what info to leave buyers appreciated. Have a folder ready for things like manuals for fitted appliances - anything else crucial?

specialsubject Sun 04-Jan-15 18:08:08

your solicitor should have sent you a fixtures and fittings form and you decide.

BUT you must leave all lights working, i.e. a lamp connector and a bulb, no more bare wires.You don't have to leave shades; you could stick up B and M ones if you do. actually that is what we have in this house anyway Curtain rails aren't worth taking if they won't fit your new house, same as curtains.

buyer info is helpful; where the stopcock and meters are, how to get the heating and hot water on, bin collection calendar etc. Plus keys all labelled up.

Mulledwineandmincepies Sun 04-Jan-15 18:18:07

Thanks. We would probably replace with b&m rather than leave bare bulb. Tbh it's only two I want to take others I'm not fussed.

RaphaellaTheSpanishWaterDog Sun 04-Jan-15 19:42:01

We had several light fittings we wanted to keep in the house we sold recently (completed just before Christmas) so we replaced with shades from Been & Queued......

Regarding curtain poles we again had a couple that we'd spent £££ on and were not only bought to match light fittings (antique bronze finish metal), but are no longer produced so wanted to take these also. Our buyers were happy for us to take them and would have happily replaced these themselves (as they said when they came round one last time prior to exchange) but we explained that as we'd indicated on the Fixtures & Contents form that the poles in that room would be remaining we would replace with something similar - otherwise we'd be in breach of contract. We then purchased nice chunky but inexpensive wooden poles and swapped them over pre removals.

Our buyers were more than satisfied with this, although strictly speaking I realise we should have left the poles that were in situ when their offer was accepted.

The two poles we took fit perfectly size and style-wise in our new period home.

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