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metal lightshades - where shall I look?

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poocatcherchampion Thu 01-Jan-15 20:54:08

We need 3 for the kitchen to hang in the middle of the ceiling over the table. We really liked these from ikea -

but they are not dimmable, which is essential for us.

Can anyone help me dig out something similar, or even slightly different but lovely too?


wowfudge Thu 01-Jan-15 21:23:20

Someone will be along to correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought whether you could dim lights was dependent on the bulb rather than the fitting?

minipie Thu 01-Jan-15 21:40:47

I thought the same...

But, and Garden Trading have some good options. Not as cheap as the ikea one though.

60sname Thu 01-Jan-15 21:45:14

We have similarish white ones from Homebase for £20

poocatcherchampion Thu 01-Jan-15 22:00:14

Yes I think that too - but it said on it that it is not dimmable - but which I thought they meant the type of bulbs it reuires will not be dimmable, or possibly there is something in the fitting itself.

Anyhoo - we are not having those ones now. (And I really prefer plain white fittings and normal bulbs if poss)

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