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Red composite front door....colour of accessories?

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alovelycuppatea Thu 01-Jan-15 14:07:20

Hello....undecided between gold or silver knocker, letterbox, handle. Anyone have a view on what goes better? No windows in door.

iklboo Thu 01-Jan-15 14:15:11

I'd go for black myself. Of gold & silver, though, I'd choose gold.

bishboschone Thu 01-Jan-15 14:18:23

Silver , I have a new build with a red door and silver . It looks nice .

mswibble Thu 01-Jan-15 14:19:46

We have a red composite door and our accessories are silver. I originally thought that gold would have been best but the fitter told us it was actually silver ... and he was right! It looks super smart and I absolutely love it. Very boasty but we have the best front door on our street!

wowfudge Thu 01-Jan-15 15:38:05

Silver/chrome definitely - much more contemporary.

PigletJohn Thu 01-Jan-15 15:47:45

glossy black

deraila Fri 02-Jan-15 08:59:42

silver - contemporary.

HopeClearwater Fri 02-Jan-15 21:11:04

Got one. Silver :-) Looks the business.

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