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Fixing bad lining paper

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NotNowDarling01 Thu 01-Jan-15 09:59:17

We had a decorator in to line and paint our whole house and a few weeks later bubbles appeared on all the ceilings- 10 to 15 per room and some are very big. We have tried to go through the process to get it fixed by him but he has gone out of business and has declared himself bankrupt. So we need to fix this ourselves- any advice? If we slice the bubbles and paste it leaves a big, visible line. Should we use something like polyfilla over the slices and then sand down and paint over or is that a really bad idea? We looked at injecting paste behind them but the bubbles are taut and won't push back without slicing.

TeddyBee Thu 01-Jan-15 11:34:18

Why did you paper the ceilings? My downstairs ceilings are papered with a textured paper to cover up terrible plaster and I don't notice it at all, so papering over with a slightly textured paper might be an option. Or papering across the direction of the bad paper in lining paper (after slicing bubbles of course). Or skimming, but that depends on what you're hiding in the first place and is expensive.

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