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White paint recommendations please!

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nearlyreadyforstatelyhomes Sun 28-Dec-14 19:00:40

Dulux probably
East facing lounge
Would like something warmish but not yellowy if that's possible!

Marmitelover55 Sun 28-Dec-14 19:02:34

Dulux Timeless smile

MuscatBouschet Sun 28-Dec-14 21:27:40

Another vote for dulux timeless. It is white rather than creamy, but very soft. We tested it against lots of others.

Dulux White cotton has a blue tinge like PBW and so should be avoided. Use dulux trade white for your ceilings and woodwork to make them look clean but not glowing like PBW.

I also liked F&B Wimbourne White a lot but DH said it looked dirty!

car0line123 Sun 28-Dec-14 22:18:30

Last time I used Dulux White (can't remember exactly which one it was, sorry) everything ended up dirty yellow within 3 weeks.

The company swears they have now fixed the problem, but I am so fuming and I can't trust them, so I will never buy with them again.

PigletJohn Sun 28-Dec-14 22:47:29

do you mean for woodwork or for walls?

White emulsion does not yellow. White waterbased gloss does not yellow (but is not so glossy or so durable as oil). White oil-based gloss can yellow if it does not see sunlight, even through a window, although the formulae have improved for yellowing over the past three years or so. When regulations were changed to restrict VOC content, yellowing of indoor gloss became a problem. Sunlight somehow keeps it bleached, so it is not much of a problem on windowframes, sills etc; or outdoors.

nearlyreadyforstatelyhomes Sun 28-Dec-14 23:04:19

We did DD's room in white cotton (walls and woodwork) and it's a tad too stark IMO. The woodwork has yellowed a bit I think and we only did it just over a year ago....

We'll go for the same color on wood and walls. Might even have a timeless tester somewhere actually!

nearlyreadyforstatelyhomes Sun 28-Dec-14 23:04:51

I just don't want cream/magnolia!

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