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Neff Induction Hob

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kah22 Sat 27-Dec-14 19:07:28

As mentioned in another post I’m fitting out a new kitchen and hope to buy most of what I need during the sales. I had been looking at a Which? Best Buy Hobs but one of them members reviews has shaken me somewhat he writes:

'Neff and Which need to consider on how to install this product correctly from an electrical point of view. Electricians looking at the supposed power rating of this hob would probably suggest a separate 6mm twin/earth cable be used - however the product comes supplied with a 13A plug fitted on the flying lead. Running four rings on full power will exceed 13 amps - what is the answer? If there is some power management circuitry within the hob then Neff/Which should explain this fully in handbooks/reviews. When somebody finds out the answer let me know !! '

but still another member writes: ...

'Regarding the electrical issue, after the comments above and debate elsewhere on the internet about these NEFF induction hobs, I finally found the answer. If the hob comes fitted with a typical (13A) UK plug, that's all it needs. The clever technology will never take the total power over, even if all 4 rings are on maximum. If however the hob comes with three bare wire ends, it should be hardwired into its own dedicated circuit, in exactly the same way as most other electric hobs, ovens, et seq...'

When I look at the Neff website the Neff T40B30x2 doesn't seem to be there but there is a similar one Neff T40B31X2GB However when I pop over to the likes of John Lewis they seem to be selling the Neff T40B30X2 The only think I can think of is that the 30 model has been withdrawn and been replaced by the 31 model. I’m especially worried as to whether or not a 13AMP plug is sufficient to power all rings at max at the same time.

Has anyone experience of either of these Hobs and what are your views.

I've been in contact with Neff asking about this but am still awaiting their reply.


DeckTheHell Sat 27-Dec-14 19:52:23

We had the Neff induction hob from JL in our last house (bought 2 years ago ish). Can't help with the specific electrical requirements but I do remember the electrician who fitted it cursing it a lot. It definitely wasn't straightforward.

annalouiseh Sat 27-Dec-14 20:26:34

if the hob states it has x 13a fuse plug in it can plug in like a microwave/kettle etc.
neff and bosch do thes on inductions, both the same cost yet the neff looks better in my view as doesnt have the horrid circles.
98% of inductions need to be hard wired to the rcd unit.
The bare wires may mean you need to add your own plug.
many appliances that are plug in dont always come with plugs now.
wait for neff to open on the 5th and call tthem befpre you buy.

kah22 Mon 29-Dec-14 20:17:20

I'm almost sold on the Neff Hob but won't comit myself until I speak to Neff directly and see what the story is re plug

Any advice on what kind of Hood I shoul opt for.

The hob will be beside an outside wall. It looks as though my oven and hob will be Neff so I wonder if the Neff D2654X0GB Intergrated Hood will do the job?

MaliceInWinterWonderland78 Tue 30-Dec-14 11:52:32

We have an induction hob, though not a Neff one. It has been hardwired into a dedicated 6mm circuit. I wouldn't take the absence of a plug to mean that you have to add your own. in fact I'd go so far as to suggest that it means it needs to be wired into a dedicated circuit.

I'm pretty sure that ours (at full tilt) will pull several kW.

TalkinPeace Tue 30-Dec-14 14:24:53

I have a neff induction hob : love it, even after 6 years
electrician wired it
the info it came with was perfectly clear - it has its own switch on the wall like the oven

my hood is a neff one that is built into the cupboard above (pics of the lot on my profile)
oven is neff too

all grade stock BTW - saved loads of money

fussychica Tue 30-Dec-14 15:58:27

Just had the Neff T41B30X2 fitted. It doesn't come with a plug and our electrician hard wired it. We got it from Appliances Online.

We liked it better than the Siemens our kitchen supplier suggested as we like the fact it has almost no markings. It seems great so far - just waiting for my free pans so making do with the two compatible pans I havegrin

We have a Siemens integrated telescopic hood LI46631GB - very discreet, powerful yet quiet.

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