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Would you ask for price reduction post survey for this?

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MsSampson Wed 24-Dec-14 10:52:45

Have just had full structural survey done on property we are buying. Don't have the full report yet, but the surveyor called us yesterday to give us the "highlights"! He called our vendor a DIY monster which amused me, the house is a bit shonky throughout, but we think the price and our offer reflected this - paint all over light sockets, dated bathroom, kitchen, bubbly laminate floors etc.
However, the survey has found that he has fitted a v large velux window in the loft, cutting into rafters, without supporting the surrounding rafters. As such I can't imagine he has building regs. The roof is unsafe and needs to be made good. There is also some woodworm under stairs. Would it be reasonable to ask for this cost to be deducted from our offer or for him to fix before we exchange?
Various other things were highlighted which I won't bring up as they will be covered by work we had already budgetted for - I just don't know what the done thing is in these situations. Thanks.

MisForMumNotMaid Wed 24-Dec-14 10:58:26

I'd go for negotiation over the things which you hadn't seen. I.e. Woodworm and the velux making good. Give the seller the option to make good (it could cause delays/ he may not have access to the cash) or knock the cost off the house (you have the hassle but also the control).

Have in your mind if the costs amount to so much you'd pull out or at what point you just accept surveys tend to turn up a few things and anything you negotiate off is a bonus.

The solicitors can confirm the building regs situation.

caroldecker Wed 24-Dec-14 11:19:03

A house is only worth what someone is willing to pay and what someone is willing to sell at - you can try, but be prepared to lose the house

specialsubject Wed 24-Dec-14 11:56:36

love the 'DIY monster' - there's been one in here too!

but that is easily rectified. Unsafe roof will cost ££££ and you definitely need to deduct for that. Woodworm will also cause problems. And someone who ignores building regs is worrying - what else doesn't he have approval for? Heating system?

get estimates, knock off offer. If refused, walk.

not etiquette, business.

PragmaticWench Thu 25-Dec-14 05:11:37

I agree that this is business, do not lose out financially because of being shy to negotiate over the vendor's shoddy diy. I'd get a couple of quotes for the repair works to use as leverage/back-up. They should understand that anyone else getting a survey will find these issues too and would also reduce their offer.

Agree with the pp about asking for proof of things like boiler servicing, you don't know where else the vendor has tried to do things themselves.

Violetta999 Thu 25-Dec-14 05:13:59

Find out how much it would be to rectify. Woodworm could be very cheap. Rafters less so

MsSampson Thu 25-Dec-14 05:47:59

Thanks all. Will definitely negotiate.

Re boiler etc - that's being replaced. And I'm hoping the survey picked up on all his botches, that's why we shelled out for the full structural rather than just homebuyers or whatever it's called now.

We are also ripping down his self built conservatory that he told me about so proudly grin Am sensing there might be more posts on here in coming months...

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