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Places to Live in Torquay

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MaryMic79 Mon 22-Dec-14 22:02:56

Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place. I'm new to this site.

My husband has just got a job in Torquay hospital, and we are moving down from London with our 2 year old son.

I have no idea even where to start looking for properties! Does anybody live in the area who could offer some advice?

My main criteria is to be in the catchment area of a good school, and would love to be close to the sea (not necessarily a tourist area with cafés and shops, more like a harbour area or small beach where we can explore rock pools).

Thank you in advance for any help or advice you can offer. If really is a minefield!

lulupeg Wed 24-Dec-14 15:41:48

I'm no expert but did look into this area a while ago, Brixham looked lovely. I also love Totnes but possibly too far to commute, a local person would know though!

BustyDeLaGhetto Wed 24-Dec-14 16:09:45

My ex inlaws live in Babbacoombe which is considered the 'posh' part of Torquay near a place called St Marychurch. It is lovely, near a beach with a cliff railway, a lovely pub on the headland and a waterfall in the woods leading to the beach. DD(4) and I lived there for a year and I really enjoyed it. Best rockpools I've ever seen, plus dolphins and seals near the harbour.

The charity shops in this area are unbelievable. There is a little arcade of shops in Marychurch including the Happy Apple food store, a proper butchers & fishmongers and a new yoga studio opened up while we were there.

Springcleanish Wed 24-Dec-14 16:19:19

Schools are an issue, it is still a grammar school system, so unless your child is clever enough to pass the 11plus then no really consistently good secondary alternative. Chelston is nice, as is St Marychurch/ Babbacombe, depends on your price bracket really. Meadfoot is lovely too.
Does hubby need to be within a certain distance from the hospital, as that might narrow down your search.
Entry into and out of Torbay in summer months is a nightmare, although the new ring road should help when opened.

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