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Insurance claim - how long do insurance companies take to come and assess damage?

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starfish4 Fri 19-Dec-14 10:22:22

My Mum found out on 8 Dec a valve on the pipework leading to her washing machine had been leaking for what is believed months. Plumber said he couldn't put washing machine back in as insurance would have to assess damage to floorboards, joists and walls, also something about checking spores in walls. Mum reported matter to insurance company on 9 December and was told someone would phone and come out to assess.

How soon would you expect to hear from insurance company re: an appointment?

I know this is going to take a while to sort out as property will need to be dried out (she picked up she had a problem as property running in condensation, felt colder than normal for winter and then found small baby slugs the other side of the wall where the problem was). Also, she's having to squeeze around washing machine to squeeze out of back door (where there is a good step down) and to boiler. Lino was pulled back by plumber to get washing machine out and I've had to weight part of it down to reduce risk of tripping over. She's an OAP and has had pneumonia twice in the past. She won't leave the property to stay here for a while.

wowfudge Fri 19-Dec-14 11:34:13

Chase them up about it. Do it while you are at your mother's house and she can give permission for you to speak with them and chivvy them along.

I wouldn't be waiting for them to call after 10 days. You can then tell them how she is affected as they will likely have no idea how inconvenient and potentially dangerous to her having the washing machine out is.

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