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Would you move this NE facing kitchen?

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ipsofacto73 Thu 18-Dec-14 00:15:42

The kitchen faces NE, I am tempted to move the kitchen to the front of the house ,SW facing, but the downside is that there is less of a garden at the front (though it is not particularly overlooked as the house is up steps and we could raise it up for example with a deck), plus , if we wanted a large kitchen/family room we would have to push the kitchen back into the house and the stairs would have to be moved and we would be unlikely to get planning for double doors on to the front garden. In addition the house is 'L' shaped one room at the SW facing front and a second reception and kitchen alongside each other both facing NE so we would have to get planning to fill in the 'L' at the front in order to make the kitchen wider. its likely to be a lot of more expense thank knocking through the current kitchen and extending into the garden and blow our budget... going slightly demented with it all

Any words of wisdom?

Spickle Thu 18-Dec-14 07:53:37

I personally prefer kitchens to be at the back of a house so you can step out into the garden or have an open plan bi-fold door onto the garden. If your idea about transferring the kitchen to the SW side is because of the light and sun, how about considering a small extension on your existing kitchen with velux windows above on a pitched roof to bring more light in?

Blueskies80 Thu 18-Dec-14 09:51:09

I agree with speckle, the usual way is to have kitchen at back of the house and a kitchen at front is a bit unusual although maybe not in new builds. Nice to look into the garden too. Agree an extension a good way to bring in light. Maybe also look at your lighting set up too in case you can add light, good luck!

Ramona75 Fri 19-Dec-14 09:31:34

Our kitchen is in the front of the house and there used to be small corridor which used to make everything look a little dark. So we took the wall out and put an arch on the left instead that shows the kitchen as you walk by.

People say that the kitchen is the most social room in the house so it kind of makes sense that this room be one of the first you see, especially when you have something cooking and you get a waft of the pleasant aromas as soon as you walk in, well if you're a good cook that is:-)

ipsofacto73 Fri 19-Dec-14 12:40:26

thank you all. the windows on the roof sound sensible way to get the light in. thanks

specialmagiclady Fri 19-Dec-14 13:05:31

My kitchen faces NE and it's fine. White shiny units, light-ish flooring to bounce the light around and I painted it a warm but bright colour (bubble gum pink!) which makes it feel warm and welcoming.

Although all the light shiny materials show the dirt it means I can wipe and go when I see it and you don't get that thing where the morning light suddenly arrives in April and everything looks filthy which is what happened when I had wood effect cupboards etc.

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