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I want to move NOOOOOOOW!

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cheapandcheerful Mon 15-Dec-14 22:03:59

I am fed up of WAITING!

We still feel like we're nowhere near there (not even had homebuyers report done on the place we're buying) and yet it already feels like we've run a marathon.

I just made the mistake of searching 'moving house' on pinterest and it's whipped me into an excited frenzy of packing tips and must-do essentials which still seem like a lifetime away.

Please someone tell me it will go quickly!

PossumPoo Tue 16-Dec-14 07:31:25

It will go quickly smile

There's a lot to do/get organised, get on with it and the time will fly.

Oh, assuming there isn't a chain? If so i retract my above comments and you have my sympathies grin

LizzieMint Tue 16-Dec-14 12:07:59

Oh, I'm with you OP! We started house hunting in April and have had one purchase fall apart just before exchange and we haven't got another house yet. Feels like it's been FOREVER, I'm sick of still being here.

TheHappinessTrap Tue 16-Dec-14 13:34:05

I remember that feeling, like a child waiting for birthday /Christmas! A few months on it is a distant memory!

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